Are you still distressed by the hard digestion of the flatulence during pregnancy?How to eat?Don’t dig your pits for yourself

Pregnant mothers will have some flatulence during pregnancy, so why do gastric flatulence occur, and how to plan our diet during pregnancy to alleviate flatulence?

(1) Gut Valley rice pulp

During pregnancy, because of pregnancy, the hormone changes and hormones in the body, especially the lutein in the body, began to secrete a large amount.This is a protective effect of pregnant mothers. Because the amount of lutein began to secrete, the amount of lutein will protect the uterus and inhibit the contraction of the uterine and prevent the abortion of pregnant mothers.It is that the mildlin will affect the mothers of the pregnant mother to slow down, so the pregnant mothers will disgust their appetite due to the slowing intestinal peristalsis, the symptoms of nausea, stomach acid, and vomiting.Pregnant mothers not only have some pregnancy vomiting during pregnancy, then the intestinal peristalsis will slow down, which will also cause pregnant mothers to be troubled by constipation and symptoms of bloating.Especially when the pregnant mother is in the middle and late pregnancy, due to the rise of the uterus, the stomach will also push the stomach to the top and directly compress the rectum.Symptoms, this will make it difficult for mothers to decompose, so stomach flatulence is more serious.There is also a sufficient nutritional intake during pregnancy to supply the baby’s body development during pregnancy, so more diets are intake.Change and taste changes will also be a cause of flatulence in the stomach. So when the mother should avoid excessive intake of flatulence food during pregnancy, we should eat some grain porridge in the pregnancy appropriately to neutralize the discomfort of the gastric gastric during pregnancy.Essence

Because the mother can properly add some millet porridge to eat during pregnancy, because millet porridge can have the effect of nourishing the stomach, and the plant protein in the millet porridge is particularly easy to absorb, which can meet a large number of pregnant mothers during pregnancy.The demand for protein, and the trace elements and minerals in millet porridge are also very many. For example, vitamin B2 can promote the development of bones in the baby, and to effectively prevent the baby’s bones.Elements and zinc are also rich in iodine. They can promote the baby’s brain, as well as the growth and development of various limbs. It can also promote the normal development of the baby’s thyroid function. It can also prevent the baby from premature birth.

If pregnant mothers do not like the taste of pure millet porridge, you can add a little rice to enrich the taste of porridge in it, which can also enhance the nutritional value of porridge, so pregnant mothers can properly eat some millet during the morning of pregnancy.Porridge, then you can also add some red beans to millet porridge, which can not only enrich the taste of porridge, but also the protein contained in red beans, vitamins, minerals, and folic acid dietary fiberEssence

And the red beans also contain substances with blood lipids and blood sugar, so pregnant mothers properly use red bean porridge during pregnancy, which can effectively prevent blood sugar from rising, reduce blood lipids, and can remove dampness and diuretic can relieve pregnancy.Pregnant mothers have edema on their legs and hands during pregnancy.Then the pregnant mothers may wish to make porridge more diversified when cooking porridge during pregnancy. You add some corn to the white rice porridge, because corn contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, as well as crude protein and other nutrients.Moreover, the dietary fiber in corn can relieve the pregnant mother, the constipation can promote intestinal peristalsis, help pregnant mothers excrete waste in the body, and promote metabolism.For our pregnant mothers, corn can also prevent pregnancy hypertension, and corn and diuretic antihypertensive effect can also effectively prevent constipation.Add some black beans in an appropriate amount. Black beans can nourish kidney and can nourish blood.You can also add coarse grains such as black sesame, white sesame, or buckwheat, but pregnant mothers must remember that when cooking porridge, do not put a lot of beans, which will easily cause pregnant mothers to cause indigestion.

Pregnant mothers can also choose to use grain grains to grind into powder with warm water and pork beef rice slurry, but remember not to be too high in water temperature, which will cause some trace elements and vitamins in the pentagram nutrition powder to be lost.When pregnant mothers are mixed with five valleys nutritional powder, they can properly put some honey to increase the taste of rice noodles. Although grain rice noodles are a better choice, and the taste is also very good, it is easy to allow the pregnant mother’s stomach to accept and absorb the inside.Nutrition, but pregnant mothers must remember to eat some coarse grains properly and make diversified intake.Because eating a kind of thing for a long time can cause the tolerance of the stomach and intestines, choosing miscellaneous grains can be diverse, which can promote the gastrointestinal absorption and use of pregnant mothers.

(2) Honey milk

Pregnant mothers can choose to add honey milk every day during pregnancy, because honey can effectively prevent pregnancy hypertension and frequent pregnancy, as well as comprehensive diseases with hepatitis and honey, and honey can also promote intestinal peristalsis, lubricate intestinesThe Tao can have symptoms of preventing constipation and hemorrhoids, and honey can have the effect of soothe the brain of the pregnant mother’s brain.After taking a pregnant mother, we must remember that we can drink a drink properly when adding meals. Do not go to a large amount of honey water, which will easily lead to diarrhea.And pregnant mothers can drink with milk, because milk can supplement calcium, pregnant mothers to drink honey milk regularly every day during pregnancy, and can also help pregnant mothers whiten.Why should my mother use honey milk after breakfast or during meals?Because drinking milk on an empty stomach will cause the protein in milk to be evaporated, which is not conducive to the absorption of pregnant mothers.When we drink honey milk, we can also add a little boiling water to dilute the milk, and by the way to eat some fruits such as apples.

(3) Wen Kaishui

Pregnant mothers must drink more warm water during pregnancy, because if the intestinal flatcakes are caused by the stool in the intestines for a long time, the pregnant mother should take the moderate amount of warm water to supplement the body’s water every day.Increasing the intestinal water to promote defecation, the mother can greatly alleviate the symptoms of constipation during pregnancy during pregnancy during pregnancy. Why do we choose to drink warm water during pregnancy?Because cold water stimulates the intestines of pregnant mothers. If the intestines of pregnant mothers are relatively fragile, the pregnant mother may have intestinal colic, so it is more suitable for pregnant mothers to drink warm water during pregnancy. Drinking warm water often can help us in our body.Waste metabolism and can effectively prevent pregnant mothers with less urine and yellow urine.There is also a pregnant mother who must not drink soda and some carbonated drinks, and coffee strong tea must choose less.

(4) Avoid eating too much food at one time

You must not eat too much food during pregnancy, because a large amount of food can cause difficulty digestion and the possibility of flatulence, so pregnant mothers must take a small amount of intake when maintaining a meal every day. These meals mustMaintaining less food habits to eat and eat less meals, this can effectively promote the digestion of the stomach, which is conducive to the nutrition and absorption of food, and can alleviate the flatulence of the stomach. If the pregnant mother has already had flatulence in the stomach, it has always been always.Keep a lot of diet, so that the burden of the intestines of pregnant mothers will increase.Regarding the condition of mother’s flatulence during pregnancy, it will become more and more serious, which will lead to anorexia in pregnant mothers.Therefore, it is very important to maintain less meals during pregnancy during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers try not to eat too much food at each meal, which will not only cause our gastrointestinal burden, but also affect the rest of the pregnant mother.Lieching can also affect the emotions of pregnant mothers.

(5) Develop good eating habits.

Pregnant mothers must be during pregnancy to develop good eating habits, delicious, spicy foods, avoid burdens on the intestine, and cause symptoms of pregnant mothers to get angry.Don’t picky food and partial eclipse. As long as we keep eating less meals and diversification of food, and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables to consume a lot of dietary fiber, the phenomenon of flatulence of pregnant mothers in pregnancy will be greatly reduced.

Not only that, pregnant mothers can take a walk or yoga or some exercises suitable for pregnancy to exercise every day, and can also stimulate the intestinal peristalsis of pregnant mothers, and can also effectively alleviate the condition of flatulence during pregnancy.Then Xiaobian recommends that the mother can take appropriate walks within half an hour after a meal. This can promote gastrointestinal motility and absorb nutrients in food.Essence

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