As early as the early 1930s, how did people test pregnancy?

As early as the early 1930s, how did people test pregnancy?

There is such a record in the book "History History". It is too strange to test the urine and small animals of pregnant women and small animals.

At that time, the pregnancy test was called the A-Z test. It was named after the inventor of the inventor of this method.The tester will first obtain the urine sample to the woman to be checked, and then inject the urine into the mouse. After about 100 hours, check the mouse’s ovaries. If the ovaries of the mouse are swollen and accompanied by red dots, it is determined to be pregnantIf the ovaries of mice have not changed, they are not pregnant.

This method looks time -consuming and clumsy than today’s pregnancy test stick and pregnancy test paper, but under the medical conditions at the time, it was already the fastest way.But before doing this A-Z test, women need to wait for two or three months to stop menopause, and doctors can hear the fetal heartbeat before they can be determined.

In the decades since the early 1930s, people can only have this method to test pregnancy, but some places will replace the mice with rats and change it with little frogs.The progress of the frog is ovulation in vitro, and the doctor does not need to kill the frog to check the ovaries.

Someone who had done this pregnancy test experiment recalled that in addition to paying the doctor’s surgical fee, there were $ 3 to use the cost of rabbit, but she was not pregnant at the time.

It is precisely because of these pregnancy test experiments that the scientists and doctors of the time began to study what matter in the urine. If it is hormone, where do these hormones come from?The argument was finally found by a scientist to find the origin of the hormone in the urine and named it progesterone. The discovery of this hormone has pushed the precedent of creating a IVF technology.

The progress of science is from scratch, and step by step in the process of trying, demonstration, and experimenting.

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