As soon as sneezing, the whole pants were wet!All women can understand …

Have your mother talked about the sequelae of fertility?

No guess.

To give birth to

The elders will only be crazy about the benefits of Amway

Shengwa can cure the disease

The dysmenorrhea will not hurt

Shengwa can be reduced

Risk of breast cancer

Shengwa can delay


You may know some

The hardship during pregnancy

Pregnancy vomiting, leg cramps

Long hemorrhoids, get fat …

But after you experience it yourself, you know

Sequences of fertility raised by few people

It will really bother you all your life

I sneeze

The whole pants will be soaked

After giving birth, my body hurts, and mammitis has a high fever into the hospital, but these boils have passed, and what really troubles my life is to leak urine.

After giving birth to a child, when I cough, run, exercise, or nervous, urinates will be discharged uncontrollably. When I have urine, I will desperately control my legs and squat down.

Sometimes I do n’t pay attention, gently sneeze, the whole pants will be soaked …

I always thought that leaking urine after giving birth is normal.

In addition, this is a private and embarrassing thing, so I never mentioned it with anyone, nor did I want to go to the hospital to see it.

Until the beginning of this year, I brushed a news. Aunt danced while dancing the square dance, and the uterus fell out …

This news was scared to me, as if I saw myself in the future, I had to pay attention to the severity of the leakage of urine!


Is this sequelae rare?

No, very common!

Previously, Tang Wei and Lei Jiayin were in the live broadcast. The host was asked what the two could not stand each other when they cooperated with each other?

Lei Jiayin said without thinking: "She goes to the toilet, really."

He also said that every time he entered the show with tears, when his emotions were brewing, Tang Wei had to go to the toilet and took 10 toilets to take 10 toilets.

It is indeed a straight man who can’t understand it. In addition to being an actor, Tang Wei is also a mother who has not long after giving birth.

The murderer who causes all this is "pelvic floor dysfunction"!

Pot bottom dysfunction diseases include:

① Pelvic organs prolapse (uterine prolapse, the front wall of the vagina, the swelling of the vaginal wall)

② urine incontinence

③ incontinence

④ sexual disorder

The incidence of domestic data reports can reach 25.8%~ 35.3%.

After pregnancy, the body of mothers is constantly changing.

As the baby grows up, the uterus becomes bigger and heavier.

From the size of Yali before pregnancy, the size of the watermelon of ten pounds before childbirth.

Out of the view, the closer the pregnant woman is, the larger the straightened belly.

The bottom of the basin was the helper of the uterus, but the heavy uterus continued to oppress the bottom of the pot and relaxed it. At the same time, it pulled the pelvic floor muscle ligament, making it longer or even broken.

The bottom of the basin is like a suspension, and the ligament is like a rope hanging on the tree. The heavy uterus is pressed on the "hammock" for ten months, and the elastic hammock is difficult to escape.

some people think

Due to the natural delivery of the birth canal


That caesarean section

Passing from the vagina

Can you avoid these problems?


After giving birth, it will be pine below

Can’t cesarean section be?

You Baoma said that after he gave birth, he became particularly relaxed below, so that he did not dare to have a husband and wife after giving birth.

In fact, there is no concept of "vaginal relaxation" in medicine, but it can be attributed to the symptoms of "women’s pot floor dysfunction disease".

Pregnancy and childbirth are independent risk factors that cause women’s pelvic floor dysfunction.

The continuous impact of physiological hormones and other physiological hormones such as conception hormones and relaxation during pregnancy, and as the fetus’s growth abdominal pressure continues to increase, the bottom muscle will inevitably relax.

In other words, cesarean section cannot avoid relaxation.

As long as you are pregnant, you will have the problem of vaginal relaxation. Whether it is a smooth delivery, a cesarean section or an abortion, it will not be avoided!

The root cause of postpartum vaginal relaxation is that the pelvic floor muscles have not recovered well. No matter what kind of childbirth, this is unavoidable.

Therefore, in order to avoid "loosening", you choose to take the knife, and you know the truth, you tears fall …


Kiger Movement

Save your increasingly relaxed pot bottom muscle

The Kiger Movement is the most common method of pelvic muscle exercise we often hear.

There is no time limit for doing the "Kiger Movement". As long as it is not serious enough to perform surgery, the uterus can be exercised normally from 42 days, and it will be a golden period for exercise within half a year after giving birth.

In fact, for postpartum women, Kigel exercise can be started at any time, including entering the stage of middle -aged and elderly people.

Moreover, this exercise can also be done during pregnancy, and it will not affect the baby. It can prevent the occurrence of pelvic floor dysfunction, leakage and urinary incontinence, but also improve constipation and hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

Let’s learn together

Caiger Sports


Tighten the anus

The main method is to tighten the anus for 2 to 6 seconds and relax for 2 to 6 seconds.Every 10 to 15 times is a group, and you can feel the effect every day.


Standing Zegel Movement

① Stand naturally, get together with your feet, open your feet outward

② Power on the hips, slowly lift the heel before putting it down


The Kigel Movement in the Plumbing Pose

① After lying flat, let your feet be separated, the same width as the shoulders, and bend your knees

② Try to hold your hips as much as possible when you inhale, and return to the first step when you exhale


The Kiger Movement in the kneeling posture

① Kneel knees, put your hands flat on the ground, and the waist is parallel to the ground

② The waist lower down, the head is lifted up, and the upper body is bent as bending as much as possible

③ Back to the first step again

It is said that because God cannot be everywhere

So I created my mother

But "mother" is not a superman

There are any difficulties and frustrations in the process of life

Please ask for help!

Only as soon as possible to see the clinic as soon as possible, the knife is cut off

In order to remove your psychological and physiological burden ~

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