Asba is sweet and carcinogen?It is considered to be a safe and sweet additive by the United States, which will make people addicted

According to the New York Post, two people familiar with the matter revealed that the World Health Organization International Cancer Research Agency (IARC) may be listed on July 14 as "possible carcinogenic substances", "At present, the Food Additive Joint Expert Committee is actively investigating and will also announce the results of the investigation on July 14.

Asba Sweet is an artificial synthetic sweetener. It is widely used in various foods and drugs as additives.Coca -Cola Zero, Jianyi Cola, Pepsi Cola, etc. We are familiar with. Almost all of the products that focus on "sugar -free" are used.

If the rumors are true, Asba is listed as carcinogens, the world will have a huge impact.

For merchants, many large companies will face crisis and must re -formulate formulas to seek new sweeteners; for ordinary people, it is difficult to buy sugar -free cola.


Asba Sedicate name is a metacopenate metharine. In December 1965, the American scientist Schlatter accidentally stained the synthesis in his hand when synthetic the drugs that suppressed ulcers. He knew that these were amino acidsIt was non -toxic. Driven by curiosity, he tasted it. I accidentally found that the material was sweet and the taste was pretty good.In this way, Asba, which was originally a middle product, entered people’s lives.

In the later research, people found that the sweetness of Asba was higher than the ordinary sucrose, but the energy was less. The 1G Asba sweet energy was only 4 calories (1g sucrose 17 calories).Just add a little bit of sweetness to become delicious, and the energy of this sugar can be ignored.

When people are keen on "low sugar" and "sugar -free", this sweetener quickly replaced sucrose and became the most widely used additive at that time.

To what extent?More than 100 countries around the world are using Asba sweets, with more than 6,000 products used, with sales up to $ 1 billion/year.

Its application also involves all walks of life, without sugar gum, children’s drugs, drinks, etc., all use Asba sweets, and some restaurants will also provide guests with Asba sweet sugar.

However, Asba sweets will be hydrolyzed in high temperature environments, and it is not sweet above 80 ° C, so it cannot be used in foods that are processed in high temperature, which limits its use in the baking industry.

There is also a fatal disadvantage that after the decomposition of Asba, phenylalanine will be produced, so patients with phenyluria can not consume asaba sweet.

Is Asba a really carcinogenic?

In 1974, the US Food and Drug Administration defined Asba sweet as "safe sweet additive" and approved it.

After that, people had controversy and doubts about the sweetness of Asba, and have not stopped so far.

Some people questioned the security of Asba’s sweetness and believed that the investigation and audit at that time were not real and involved in the conversion of interests; there were also many scientists also provided Asba’s unhealthy research evidence of human body.

However, in 2007, the United States still insisted: "With existing scientific evidence, in the case of following the standard volume, Asba Sweet as a non -nutritional adding sweetener is safe (patients with phenylurouriaExcept for patients with genetic diseases). "

Among them, the sweet standard of Asba, the EU limit is 40 mg per kilogram of weight, and the limited standard of the United States is 50 mg of weight per kilogram.According to this standard, an adult male intake must reach the limit, and it is necessary to drink 21 cans of sugar -free soda.

The earliest believed that "Asba Sweet may cause cancer" in 1996, and John Olini claimed that he was related to brain tumors.

Later, a European Cancer Research Center also provided several studies, arguing that in mice experiments, Asba sweet increased the probability of mouse cancer, so it was believed that this was a potential carcinogen.

However, these two allegations were overthrown by relevant US agencies, and believed that there were shortcomings in the experiment and were not adopted.

In addition to cancer, the allegations of Asba’s sweetness also include poisonous nerves, headaches, stroke, diabetes and metabolic syndrome, etc., but they are negative with "lack of evidence and scientific reference".

But one thing is currently common, that is, long -term consumption of Asba sweet, which is addictive.

Isaba sweet addicted?

Many people around the world are addicted to sugar -free soda. Some people even think that quitting sugar -free soda is more difficult than quitting smoking.

Allen, 61 -year -old in Florida, USA, was deeply killed. She had to drink a drink together to wake herself. Drink a drink on the way to work.

According to statistics, she has to drink at least 2 liters of soda a day.Every time she shopping, she purchased at least 10 bottles (2 liters of soda) at one time. She was afraid that she could not supply it, so she made up a lot of replenishment each time.

One day, she realized that her desire for sugar -free soda was abnormal and wanted to quit the habit of drinking soda.

However, after only 2 days of persistence, she experienced a variety of discomfort such as headaches and nausea. The whole person was in anxiety and her mood was poor.

Are people addicted to sugar -free soda?

Although there is no such definition of sugar soda in professional medicine, in reality, many scientists agree with the view that people rely on sugar -free soda, and the main component that depends is not caffeine, but asba sweet.

Why do you say that?

If you are just in love with caffeine, you can consume a lot of coffee more satisfaction, but many sugar -free soda heavy enthusiasts do not like coffee at all. From this, it is inferred that it is additives such as Asba.

What is the "healthy zero card", why is it addictive?

Scientists believe that there are two main reasons, one is psychologically and the other is physiological.

Psychologically, because people generally think that the energy of sugar -free soda is low and will not bring obese troubles, they will relax their vigilance and make a cup after a while.It doesn’t matter!"

Physiically, it is related to the brain.

Many people cannot distinguish between soda sweetness or normal sugar, but the brain can be accurately distinguished.

After drinking normal sugar soda, our brain will have a sufficient sense of pleasure, but if we drink soda with a sweetener, then this kind of pleasure is insufficient. A strong gap will strengthen the brain’s desire for real sugar.

But at this time, you drink sugar -free soda. You ca n’t drink normal soda, so as compensation, the brain can only keep you drink sugar -free soda to satisfy.

This principle is also suitable for the metabolism of other sugar substitutes, and it also shows that it is not feasible to use sugar to control weight.

at last

In fact, the main controversy of this news is whether Asba sweet is really carcinogenic, and IARC defines whether Asba sweets are scientific and reasonable.

I think there are hidden dangers such as Asba Tiantian, especially in the case of excessive consumption.

Although there is no exact evidence that it must be carcinogenic, various signs show that it has a certain negative impact on the human body.

If it is really defined as "may be carcinogenic", then we don’t need to panic, "may be carcinogenic" in IARC’s level 5 judgment standard belongs to the middle 2B class.

Mobile phone radiation, pickles, barbecue, etc. These are things that may be carcinogens. They are around us, we can’t escape.Eating less and drinking less contact is the key!

As for why a additive has been arguing for so many years, there is no conclusion, and there may be people who have a discharge for interests.

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