At 43 years old, she was pregnant and wept with an early pregnancy test.

One day, it was also a normal working day, and I was out of the clinic.At this time, a new patient came in, and it looked like she was about 40 years old.I asked him to sit down and asked patiently, "Hello, what do you want to see?" As soon as the patient sat down, he fell down without tears.

I patted her shoulder and said, "Don’t worry, don’t worry, slowly say that there are always solutions to things." At this time, the patient told his story.It turned out that the patient was a lost mother.She is 43 years old, surnamed Wang, and has a 15 -year -old son. She was in middle school. As a result, she did not expect an accident and died after the rescue.The white -haired man with a black -haired man may be the biggest grief in the world, and it is no wonder that Ms. Wang is so sad.She had a good relationship with her husband. The husband was 45 years old. The two of them wanted to have a child. After trying for more than a year, there was no good news, so she was very anxious.I can particularly understand the patient’s mood, but for her age, it is really difficult to give birth to a baby.

I patiently persuade the patient, let’s take a look at your ovarian function first.I first opened six endocrine and AMH examinations for patients, and asked her to go to bed for vaginal ultrasound examination to understand her ovarian reserve function.Sure enough, her ovarian function has fallen significantly.Ultrasonic examinations found that the number of sinuses of the ovary was only two.The normal sinus follicles on the age of childbearing age are about five to ten on each side.

Sinus follicles are one of the important indicators that determine the function of women’s ovarian reserves, and there will be a small fluctuations in the menstrual cycle per month.AMH also reached a relatively low level of 0.59.All this data shows that Ms. Wang’s ovarian function has fallen significantly, and pregnancy is a very difficult thing for her.Later, Ms. Wang’s lover’s semen examination also suggested that severe less weak sperm disease, which increases the difficulty of our work.

Therefore, after the discussion of our subject experts, based on the situation of this couple, we chose the method of in vitro fertilization-embryo transplantation for treatment, which is often called "IVF".In IVF technology, an important step is to determine the ovulation promotion plan, and different solutions are suitable for different people.(Medical cards have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

Because this lady is older and has poor ovarian function, we have selected a mild micro -stimulus solution for ovulation treatment.This scheme is more suitable for women with reduced ovarian function. It has a small amount of medication, stimulates less ovarian, and is safe and effective.We observe Ms. Wang’s ovary during menstruation so that a more suitable time to enter the cycle.

However, the two -month cycle passed. In the first menstrual period, there was only one sinus follicles in the ovarian ovary during the first menstrual period. Too few sinus follicles could cause the outcome in the later period and not suitable for starting.In the second menstrual period, it was found that not only the sinus follicles were not large, but also a large follicles exceeded 1.0cm. This is a common phenomenon in the decline of ovarian function.If the premature follicles grow, if the treatment is promoted at this time, it will inevitably lead to the growth of a single follicles, and it will lose the original intention of multiple follicle growth, and then abandon the cycle.

At this time, Ms. Wang and his lover have entered our subject treatment for 2 months, and have not yet entered the ovulation promotion cycle. Therefore, they were very anxious and strongly requested to enter the exclusive cycle treatment.After we fully communicate with the patient, we decide to monitor the growth of this follicles. Choose to perform the natural cycle solution, that is, without medicine, naturally grow a follicles. After the follicles are matureEssenceThis scheme is suitable for patients with poor ovarian function. They need to be punctured multiple times. They may not be able to get the eggs many times, or fail in the process of forming embryos, and even have poor embryo quality.

Ms. Wang is determined and cooperates with our treatment very much, and expresses a full understanding of the hardships of the future test tube. Therefore, we have successfully obtained an egg. Because their lover has severe and weak deformity sperm, she passes through the single through order.Sperm injection is successfully fertilized and obtained one high -quality embryo.In order to increase the success rate of transplantation, the general reproductive medicine center will choose to transplant two embryos at the same time. Therefore, after discussion with Ms. Wang, we decided to freeze the embryo and wait for more embryos before transplantation.The battle won the first battle.

We didn’t breathe because we knew that the battle in the back was even more cruel.Ms. Wang reviewed after a few days of egg retrieval. In a routine ultrasound, I found that the number of follicles of Ms. Wang after the egg removal reached five unprecedented number, which made us very excited.After discussion, several directors decided to adopt the luteum ovulation plan to continue treatment.This scheme is a scheme that has appeared in recent years. Ovulation treatment can be promoted again after ovulation or after ovulation, which can shorten the cycle time and reduce the cost of ovulation.Unexpected effects.

Using this method, we were lucky enough to get 3 follicles in this cycle, and once again succeeded in fertilization through single sperm injection, and obtained a high -quality embryo.The other two embryos were abandoned because of poor quality and did not save value.This is already a good result. Many elderly women often face the reality where the eggs can be transplanted many times, because the loss of ovarian function not only affects the number of eggs, but also causes the decline in the quality of the eggs. There will be a lot of splitting.Abnormal chromosomal abnormalities caused by abnormalities.

Therefore, during the ovulation promotion of IVF, the number of follicles of ultrasonic monitoring cannot represent the number of eggs, and the eggs that are obtained do not mean that they can form embryos.There is no case that can form embryos.The formation of embryos does not mean that they are high -quality transplant embryos. Some embryos often stop growing due to their own chromosomal abnormalities or other factors. In the final transplantation, it does not mean that transplantation can conceive.Some embryos are stopped in the early or late pregnancy during various reasons.

Ms. Wang encountered this situation. On the 14th day after the two embryos were transplanted, she found that she was pregnant.She cried with the early pregnancy test. The family was ecstatic, but her good mood did not last long. Ms. Wang had an embryo in 7 weeks of pregnancy.After monitoring of abortion embryo chromosomes, it is found that there are chromosomes in the embryo. It is prompted that 21 trilaterals are common in the abnormality caused by egg division and are more common among elderly women.Essence

Nevertheless, Ms. Wang was still encouraged and said that she was more confident to continue the test tube.Finally, with the efforts of all reproductive experts and the active cooperation of Ms. Wang’s family, she has gained two high -quality embryos again after three egg retrieval.The production examination shows that the indicators are normal and pass the fetal chromosome monitoring of amniotic fluid puncture.Although it has not yet given birth, Ms. Wang has passed the high -risk period of premature and miscarriage. The battle for breeding finally came to an end and sounded the horn of victory.

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