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Shenxian acupoint salt moxibustion refers to putting pure and dry salt (better with blue salt) on the umbilical cord (Shenzhang Acupoint), making it slightly higher than the umbilicus, or put a thin ginger slices on the salt, and put it on the top ofPut Ai Yan Shi Moxibustion.Its efficacy is to return to the Yang to save the inverse and warm the kidney. Ancient doctors have used it for more than a thousand years.Modern medicine believes that the heat generated by salt moxibustion is a physical factors that effectively adapt to the treatment of the body. Its near infrared rays have high penetration power and can promote blood circulation after being absorbed by the human body.

1. There are many benefits of salt moxibustion, and there are countless:

1. The complexion improves and becomes beautiful;Dynthesis; 10. Cold limbs; 11. The pulse is slightly desired; 12. Gonghan, dysmenorrhea; 13. Conditional gastrointestinal and sleeping; 14, kidney, tonic qi; 15, five diarrhea, stool sugar dilute; 16, Cold pain in the abdomen; 17, indifferent consciousness; 18, urination incontinence; 19. Cold sweat dripping; 20, losing yang; 21, diarrhea; 22, spleen and kidney yang deficiency; 23, old cold legs, arthritis; 24, solidbook, solidbookPeiyuan; 25, virtual body cold; 26, cold and dampness paralysis

Second, Shenzheng acupoint:

The Shenzheng acupoint, also known as Qi She and Destiny, is first seen in the Secret of the Foreign Taiwan."Dao Zang" explains the famous masterpieces of Shenxian acupoints: God, the change is extremely, hence the name "God"; "阙" is the middle gate to show that it is expensive.The Shenxiang acupoint belongs to the Renmai Meridian acupoint, which is closely linked to the passage of the whole body with Chong, Du, Kidney, and spleen.Studies have shown that Shenxiong acupoint is located at the golden segmentation point of the human body, and believes that it has the effect of "up to mud pills, down to Yongquan".In the Gao Shu, it proposed that "the umbilicus, the five internal organs, the twelve meridians, and the eight veins of the strange meridian are the head of the human body’s yin and yang gasification, and it is also the best role to adjust the overall function of the human body." The role of the umbilical umbilical is highly summarized.

The anatomical study of the human umbilicus shows that the keratin of the umbilical surface is the thinnest, and it is directly connected to the fascia and peritoneal; the peritoneum under the umbilicus is rich in venous nets, shallow and abdominal wall shallow veins, thoracic and abdominal wall veins, deep and upper and lower abdominal walls up and down.The vein is connected, and the lower abdominal artery branch is also through the umbilicus; the chest 6-10 sympathetic nerves are distributed in the middle and upper abdomen, and the peritoneal gel layer of the middle and upper abdomen.Essence

Third, salt and Ai

The medicine for salt was first seen in "52 Diseases"."Compendium of Materia Medica" records the medicinal nature and effect of salt: "Salt can enter the kidneys and can resist corrosion; born in the water, cold, cold can cool blood, promote blood circulation;Role. "" Chinese Materia Medica "records the efficacy of Ai Ye:" Ai Ye’s bitterness, warmth, warmth, and pure yang, can go back to the sun, pass the twelve scriptures, take the three yinCold and dampness, warm uterus, moxibustion fire, can penetrate all the classics and remove all diseases. "Moxibustion Shenxun acupoint has the effects of Wen Tong Yuanyang, spleen and stomach, and conditioning.

Fourth, Shenxian acupoint deplicular salt moxibustion

The salt moxibustion of the Shenyu acupoint can warm the sun and nourish qi, cultivate the kidney and solidify, and the sun is strong in the kidney, the fire can produce the soil, enhance the spleen yang, enhance the physique, and resist external evil.Studies have shown that part of the salt moxibustion of the Shenxian acupoint can produce some sodium ions penetrated into the tissue of the lesion, which has the effects of anti -inflammatory and analgesic.And the researchers asked that the salt moxibustion would make the various nerve endings on the umbilical skin entering the state of activity, which can promote the nerve and body fluid regulation of the human body, improve the immune function, and stimulate the ability of disease resistance.To achieve the purpose of cure.

Fifth, the ancient use of the salt moxibustion of the gods

The "Difficult Scriptures" discussed the corresponding relationship between the cord and the internal organs and the internal organs, laying the foundation for the salt moxibustion of the Shenxian acupoint.For the first time, "Elberry Prepare Fang" uses the Shenxiong acupoint salt moxibustion to treat the sudden death of cholera and snake venom to open the pioneer of the Shenyu acupoint salt moxibustion.

Jia Hongling studied umbilical therapy literature showing that the Shenli acupoint is mostly used to treat typhoid cold or vomiting and diarrhea.

1. San Jing San cold, return to the sun to save the inverse

Ancient doctors used the salt moxibustion of Shenxun acupoints for dangerous diseases."Elberry Ready Emergency Fang" Day: "In the salt navel, moxibustion hundreds of stance, and dying of cholera." "Preparing for the Earthquake" and "Materia Medica Hook Yuan" also have such records."Preparation of Moxibustion": "Treatment of strokes, unpredictable urination, boring qi want to be dead, fill the umbilicus with salt, fire Ai Ai Stove Twenty -one stove, it is more moxibustion, it is better." ""Golden Plastic Wings": "Moxibustion stroke, crisis and other symptoms."

2, warm the spleen and kidney, benefit water and laxative

According to Aineon Wenyang, salt can be human kidneys, and the salt moxibustion of Shenxian acupoints has the function of warming the spleen and kidney, and turning qi and water."Simple Effects, Sophisticated Fang · Volume Three Poor Poor Drinking Diaben": "The stool is blocked, the salt is stir -fry, fills in the umbilicus, Aihuo is burned five times, and" the world doctors get the effect "The heart is filled with salt, and the moxibustion is seven strong. "" Ancient and Modern Records "cloud:" The heat of the heat is not profitable.: "Treatment of qi: Salt in the umbilicus, three strong moxibustion." "Thousands of Gold Wing Fang", "Outer Taiwan Secrets", "Compendium of Materia Medica", and "Panzhu Ji Tire Preparation" have been recorded in detail.

3. Supplement the kidney and nourish qi, condition

The Shenxian acupoint is located on Renmai, and Renmai is out of the cells."Preparation of Qian Qian Gold": "How short you are in the youth room: moxibustion of the tail of the fifty strong; and the salt moxibustion of the umbilicus seven strong."After going to salt, change to 21 grains of Chuanjiao, and the ginger slices and then moxibustion 14 strong, it is more pasted with an paste, and the woman’s palace is cold and uncomfortable. "

4, clearing heat and dampness, diarrhea detoxification

According to the "Compendium of Materia Medica", salt has the effects of clearing heat, cooling blood, and detoxifying."The 56th" of "The Snake of the Restricted Frog of the Poor Snake": "Alternate, chew salt and salva, moxibustion three strong. Repeat salt, spit on the sore."The child’s umbilical umbilical is ironing, and the salt and stain are pounded as cakes. If you are large, you can make the heat on the new tile and iron it. "

6. Shinya acupoint salt moxibustion modern clinical application

1. Urinary system disease

Modern medical practitioners have achieved more results in the treatment of urinary system diseases using Shenxun acupoints to treat urinary system diseases.

Deng Cong, in the effect of exploring the salt moxibustion of Shenxiong acupoints, combined with lumbar spine poles, in the effects of the bladder function after spinal cord injury, the number of cases of complete urinary retention and urinary infections in the treatment group were significantly reduced compared with the blank group.Obvious increase.

There are also reports of urine retention, hemorrhoidal surgery, and postpartum urine relics caused by the treatment of chronic prostatitis, postpartum urine retention, etc. caused by chronic prostatitis.

Liu Huilin and other comparison of the differences between ginger moxibustion and conventional acupuncture and routine acupuncture. The difference in urination dysfunction after stroke, and found that the average daily urination of patients with salt and ginger moxibustion, the average number of nursing times at night, the patient’s day average urgency during the day, the patient’s daytime urgencyThe symptoms of urinary disorders such as urinary incontinence, patients with dysurgous incontinence at night, and evaluation indicators in various aspects of increasing urinary incontinence are better than the control group.In addition, the literature shows that the Shenxun acupoint is partial salt moxibustion to treat children’s enuresis and female pressure incontinence.It can be seen that the salt moxibustion of the Shenxian acupoint has a two -way regulating effect on the urinary system disease.

Note: Elderly urinary incontinence: It is related to the unique functions of Shenxiong acupoints, salt into the kidneys, and the sensitivity of moxibustion.Essence

Children’s enuresis: The use of salt moxibustion clinically is not only effective for elderly urinary incontinence, but also has a good effect on children’s enuresis. The key is to persist in doing it.

2. Gastrointestinal disease

The Shenxian acupoint salt moxibustion treats the digestive system disease.

Zhang Shaohu: It proposed to use salt moxibustion to treat diarrhea, which introduced its indications, such as abdominal pain and intestines, diarrhea like water, 10-15 times a day, mental deficiency, or cold heat, headache, soreness and discomfort in the whole body.

Gongfanghong: 65 cases of spleen deficiency diarrhea were treated with salt moxibustion with Shenxian acupoints, with a total effective rate of 100 %.In addition, the Shenxun acupoint salt moxibustion is also used to treat the stool incontinence of spleen deficiency and diarrhea and yang addition,

Huang Shunyi: Research also found that moxibustion of salt and jade medicine also has a good effect on constipation of spinal cord injury rehabilitation period.

3. Gynecological disease

Shenxun acupoints are closely related to Ren, Du, and Chongli, and Ren, Du, and Chongli are in the same blood. Therefore, modern medical use of Shenxian acupoint salt moxibustion also has research on gynecological diseases.

Sun Lihong and others were mainly treating 36 cases of primary dysmenorrhea based on the salt moxibustion of Shenxuan. The total effective rate after the three courses was 97.23 %.

Huo Xia Tong used the salt moxibustion of Shenxun acupoint to treat 96 cases of hemorrhagic postpartum hemorrhage, with a total effective rate of 97.9 %.

The obstetrics and gynecology department of a general hospital in a military region also shows a certain effect on postpartum hemorrhage using the Shenxun acupoint salt moxibustion.

4. Other diseases

Lao Jinxiong and other 106 cases of acupuncture of chloasma were observed. Acupuncture and salt moxibustion groups were better than the simple acupuncture group. The difference was statistically significant.

Pan Wenyu and others used buried thread plus Shenyu acupoint to treat chronic urticaria. It has significant significance differences between 1 course of treatment and two courses before treatment.

Liu Zhiliang and other 68 cases were used to treat stubborn insomnia with warm needles with salt moxibustion, with a total effective rate of 100 %.

Xing Mingjun and others adopted 60 cases of knee rheumatism with the salt moxibustion method of Shenxiong acupoints, with a total effective rate of 96.7 %.

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