Aunt Nursing Guide: Will the puppy come to menstruation?How can I spend it steadily?

The puppy’s menstruation depends on the age of the puppy. Generally, 6-8 months old puppy will have a period of estrus, and menstruation appears, which means that the dog is mature.After that, the estrus will have been once in half a year, and it lasts about 15 days at a time, and menstruation will appear during the period.After the owner finds it, take measures in time to avoid dripping at home or causing a private part, which will affect the health of the puppy.

1. Do good care and companionship

After the menstruation of the puppy, there will be some special smell on the body to attract the male dogs to mate.If you are accidentally mating, you may have a pregnancy, which is more harmful to the physical harm of the puppy who come to menstruation for the first time.Therefore, pay attention to care, do not take puppies out often, walking dogs to avoid the peak period or choose less dogs.If the owner has no energy, you can prepare some toys and snacks at home for interaction. While moving the dog’s attention, he digests its physical strength, so as not to occur, so as not to occur.

2. Clean up the secretions

Puppy menstruation can cause swelling and blood secretions in private parts. Some dogs will lick themselves, and some dogs need the owner to help clean up.You can prepare some warm water and towels, clean up the private parts and nearby hair, and then use a hair dryer to dry, put on physiological pants for puppies to keep the private parts dry and hygienic.At this time, the dog’s body is weak, so after handling it, prepare a cushion or a kept, let the dog lie down.Don’t let it lie on a cold floor to avoid cold.

3. Proper nutrition supplement

During menstruation, there will be more nutrients lost during menstruation, so pay attention to preparing some nutritious foods to supplement.You can prepare some chicken, beef, fruits and vegetables to feed, or you can mix in dog food into Wang Xiangyang milk powder and nutrition cream to supplement nutrition.If the dog is more serious, it is necessary to feed some pets appropriately to help supplement nutrition, alleviate anxiety, and reduce the trouble of the troubled dog to the owner.

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