Auntie is late and pregnant!These early pregnancy signals are said to have more than 5 or more!

What a wonderful feeling when a small life is born in her mother’s body.

This wonderful feeling may only be appreciated by the parties.

When it comes to the signal of pregnancy, many people always think that this means that the aunt will stop abruptly;

For those who are always coming every month, if you are delayed, you will think that it may be the cause of pregnancy;Essence

Recently, a female girlfriend talked: Because her aunt has been inaccurate, this time for two weeks, she didn’t care too much, because her aunt was always inaccurate.However, I did not expect that it was postponed because of pregnancy.Although her body was a little tired, she still went out to climb the mountain with her husband, resulting in abortion.Afterwards, she was particularly sad and sad for her carelessness.

Most women have obvious early pregnancy reactions after pregnancy, such as vomiting, nausea, frequent urination, drowsiness and so on.Of course, a small number of people have no response, or the response is relatively mild.

According to statistics, about 15%of women said they did not have an premature pregnancy reaction.

In fact, as long as you observe it carefully, when the fertilized eggs are in bed successfully, there will be some subtle feelings in your body, but these feelings are often ignored by us.

The following indicates that the signs of good pregnancy are all the experiences of mothers.If you also appear the following signals, it indicates that your "little angel" is coming.

Is it pregnant?

经Top1. Delayed menstruation

Auntie is a very obvious signal of pregnancy.Generally, menstruation is postponed for more than 10 days, and no gynecological diseases are troubled. If there is no contraceptive measures before, then you can preliminarily determine that you are pregnant.

心Top2. Nausea and vomiting

After just pregnancy, many women will have nausea and vomiting, which is a normal physiological reaction during pregnancy.This disgusting situation may happen at any moment of the day.This is related to the puffed gonadone in the body. Generally, the higher the level of hormones, the easier it is to be nauseous.

疲Top3. Fatigue and sleep

After pregnancy, due to the effects of progesterone in the body, it will be particularly prone to fatigue. There is always a sense of drowsy, and there is no spirit.This may be because the growth of the fetus has absorbed some of her mother’s energy, or it may be a manifestation of anemia.

胃Top4. Nausea, loss of appetite

After pregnancy, many women will change their appetite, especially the changes in tastes are obvious.What I like to eat in the past may feel nauseous when I see it after I see it, and the hot and sour foods that I usually dare not eat, but I especially like to eat after pregnancy. Some women may not be interested in any food. This is obviously obviously obviouslyThe taste of pregnancy changes during pregnancy.


Women who are pregnant are usually higher than ordinary people. This is because women form luteal after ovulation ovulation, and secretion of progesterone can increase body temperature.If your sixth feeling tells you that you are pregnant, you can measure your body temperature to see if it is higher than normal body temperature.

尿Top6. Frequent urine

After pregnancy, you may "patronize" the toilet more frequently, and some may go to the bathroom once in 1 hour.The reason for this phenomenon is that the expansion of the uterus will cause pressure on the bladder, and the frequent urination phenomenon will continue to appear in the next nine months.

Top7. Bed bleeding

About one-third of women in the early pregnancy will experience bed bleeding, because the fertilized eggs are attached to the uterus 6-12 days after conception.However, there is no harm.

道Top8. Increase vaginal secretion

The increase in vaginal secretions is mainly due to normal physiological phenomena related to changes in hormones during pregnancy.However, if the secretion is yellow, it is best to go to the hospital to see the doctor, and do not delay the development of the fetus.

Have you ever experienced the above early pregnancy reaction?

The moment the sperm and egg are combined,

The whole world has changed.

While pregnant mothers have a new life,

Also experiencing some "changes",

are you ready?

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