Back pain for pregnant women is not necessarily calcium deficiency. You must know the three hazards of excessive calcium supplementation.

My friend has been pregnant for eight months. After going out on the weekend, I drank for an afternoon tea. Jing Mu found that she was really fatter, and even the movement was much slower. Jing mother asked her, "What about you?Three breaths of the road, are you so tired? "The friend said:" Now the month is big, it is really getting tired. I often feel backache back pain, is it because I miss calcium? "Jing MaSaid: "Do you eat calcium supplement products every day?" "Yes, eat it every day." "Then it should not be the reason for calcium deficiency. It should be that you are tired."

Many people say that back pain during pregnancy is due to calcium deficiency, so many mothers have always supplemented their bodies during pregnancy and have always eaten some calcium supplements.During pregnancy, mothers should not be too nervous because of their back pain and back pain, and do not excessively calcium supplementation. It is sufficient to add some calcium tablets when needed. Low acid back pain during pregnancy is normal.The reason is likely to be tired during pregnancy.

Generally, if we have a balanced diet during pregnancy, and 500 ml of milk per day, the calcium of 1,000 ml of calcium is enough every day, or the calcium tablets of 500 mg of calcium tablets per day without drinking milk per day are enough.

If the amount of calcium daily is enough, lumbar pain is likely to have nothing to do with calcium deficiency.

1. The uterus continues to increase

Over time, the child grows older and bigger in the mother’s uterus.And back pain, which is a normal physiological phenomenon, don’t worry too much.

2. The sitting position is incorrect

During pregnancy, mothers are easy to feel tired, just like a normal person has been carrying a child on his body for a long time, and most people are unbearable.Mom often maintains incorrect standing and sitting posture during pregnancy, which will also cause back pain during pregnancy.Even the bed that usually sleeps too hard and a stool that is too hard, and a hard pillow can cause back pain for pregnant women.

3. Pelvic leaning forward

Scientific data says: About 67%of mothers have postpartum back pain, and 82%of lower back pain before pregnancy lasts for 18 months.

The cause of the sore mother during pregnancy is because of pelvic bone leaning forward.The child grows up slowly, and the mother’s hips support the weight of the stomach, which will cause the round ligament to keep pulling. At this time, the pain will cause the body to react naturally.

In October, she was pregnant, and my mother was very hard during each pregnancy, but she felt very happy at the same time as hard.Mom is nervous and sensitive during pregnancy, so during this period, Dad should pay more attention to the mood of the mother. Mom can also pay more attention to some related knowledge to adjust her state and enrich their knowledge.

1. Affecting other nutrient absorption

Many mothers are worried that children in the stomach will lack calcium, so they desperately eat a lot of calcium supplement products. This method is very incorrect. Excessive calcium supplementation will affect other nutrient absorption. In particular, there are some ingredients in calcium.It will affect the absorption and metabolism of nutrient elements such as iron and zinc, and the baby will appear iron deficiency and zinc after birth.In this way, the baby’s immunity will decrease, and it will often get sick and affect the baby’s health.

2. Cause mother constipation

According to the suggestion of the "Chinese Resident Dietary Guide (2016 Edition)", the recommended intake of calcium in pregnant women is: 800 mg/day in the early pregnancy, and 1000 mg/day in the middle and late pregnancy.

Excessive calcium supplementation of mothers can easily cause constipation. Calcium cannot be absorbed by the stool, which will cause the pregnant mother’s constipation to be more serious.

3. Movement of hypercalcemia

Many mothers like to eat a lot of high calcium foods or calcium tablets to supplement calcium for babies during pregnancy. In fact, this will cause too much calcium in newborn intake. Excessive calcium supplementation will cause newborns to suffer from hypercalcemia.Causes the baby’s vascular sclerosis, and it will also affect the function of vision and heart. Too much calcium will increase the risk of the baby’s urinary system stones.

Calcium supplementation must also be scientifically appropriate. The suggestion of nutritional guidelines is that the daily calcium demand of our normal people is about 800 mg, but the early pregnancy (the first 3 months) will need 800 mg.One month), it takes 100 mg, and in the evening of pregnancy, 1000-1200 mg is required every day.Reasonable calcium supplementation is a healthy choice for children and mothers.

1. Correct the phenomenon of pelvic leaning

Habitual pelvic leaning is one of the causes of back pain during pregnancy. Proper massage and relaxation of your muscles can reduce the pain of mothers during pregnancy.Correct the pelvic leaning of mothers during pregnancy: 30s2 of respiratory training; 30S stretching of the iliac waist muscle; 15 times in each group, 3 groups in each group; squats, 12-15 times each group, 12-15 timesComplete 3 groups.The appropriate exercise and persistence every day can reduce the pain of the mother, which is also good for the baby in the stomach.

2. Control weight

During the pregnancy, the mother always eats a lot of things to supplement the child’s nutrition for the child’s nutritional consideration, and whether her weight is overloaded.In fact, the weight of the mother is not only not conducive to the baby’s growth and development, but also increases the pressure of the mother’s waist. How can I not feel back pain?Therefore, during pregnancy, my mother still has to control her weight appropriately and balanced her diet. Do not overeating.

It is recommended that the weekly weight increase in the week and late pregnancy should not exceed one pound, and it is enough to control it in half a catty.The growth of the entire pregnancy should not exceed 25 pounds.

3. Don’t do heavy work

Moms are very hard during pregnancy, so mothers try to avoid being bending and raising heavy objects as much as possible, and do not stubbornly do some heavy work.Although it is said that the mothers during pregnancy will be better for babies and mothers, but exercise is appropriate, not to let mothers do some exercises that make them harder.Moms can properly go for walks, to do pregnant women, etc., that is, the purpose of exercise can also help better delivery.

It is not caused by calcium deficiency, so mothers should not blindly supplement calcium. Under uncertain circumstances, you can go to the hospital for examination, and then see if you need calcium supplementation.Calcium supplementation, proper calcium supplementation, so as to make a better adjustment of the baby and mother themselves.

I am a mother of Jing, a girl’s mother, trainer in the mother and baby industry, the original author of the multi -platform, the physician, pharmacist, nutritionist, and psychological counselor of the childcare industry, providing childcare consulting for thousands of parents.I hope my suggestion can help you solve the confusion and troubles in the process of bringing your baby!

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