Back pain is a common problem for all pregnant mothers, but do you know why?The reasons for each period are different

When each woman is pregnant or confinement, I believe that they will hear the teachings of the older generation. For example, if you do not follow such rules, the root cause will be dropped in the future.Indeed, after giving birth to a baby, pregnant mothers are easy to fall back, but it is difficult to determine the specific reason.

According to statistics, 45 ~ 76%of women around the world will feel back pain after giving birth.However, many Baoma didn’t know her back pain because she did not abide by the tradition, or she still made any taboos.

In fact, there are already a lot of back pain in pregnancy during pregnancy. Every day, whether they are standing or sitting, they will feel uncomfortable, especially the treasure mother who insists on work during pregnancy.But the reason is actually well understood.

During pregnancy, the fetus grows larger and the weight and volume of the uterus will become larger and larger.And in the process of growth, the center of the pregnant mother will slowly move to the waist and abdomen. If the lumbar spine load increases, it is easy to bend and deform, which will cause back pain.

In addition, when pregnant mothers come to the third trimester, "relaxation" will be secreted in the body. This hormone can separate the combined part of the mother’s pubic bone and facilitate the birth of the baby.But at the same time, it will also bring disadvantages to the mother.The pelvis becomes relaxed, so the lumbar spine is more stressed, which causes back pain.

In fact, different production methods, the low back pain caused by Baoma is not the same, especially the mother who chose a cesarean section.If it is a mother -in -law who chooses all the hemp, then the anesthetic will be hit between the lumbar spine 4 to 5; if it is a mothers of all natal, then the anesthetic will be pierced into the middle of the spinal cord bone on the waist, To achieve the effect of anesthesia.

Regardless of the anesthesia method, after the anesthetic is invalidated, Baoma will have sore phenomenon.But this soreness will not last too long, generally, it is also related to the psychological role of Baoma.

In addition, during the confinement stage after giving birth, if the mother who produced and cesarean section did not take a proper rest and the energy decreased, it would often increase the pain of the waist.Therefore, for your own body, you must take a good rest during the confinement stage, and use the correct posture to hold your children and feed.

After all, many novice mothers have no experience. When feeding their children, their bodies will involuntarily lean forward.If the time is too long, it will increase the burden on the spine.Over time, the spine will become bent, which will feel back pain. In addition, if the mother is still recovering, it is likely to fall into the root cause.

Mom, have you experienced back pain?If you have any questions, leave a message to tell us ~

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