Back pain often in the middle and late pregnancy of pregnant mothers?Understand the reason, you can suffer less of these points

Many women have the same feeling during pregnancy, that is, back pain.And as the pregnancy month is getting bigger and bigger, the phenomenon of back pain will become more and more serious.

Xiaoying had back pain in the beginning of three or four months of pregnancy. Sometimes it was difficult to even go to sleep. By the end of pregnancy, this phenomenon was even more obvious.It’s amazing, I can’t move myself.

Indeed, during pregnancy, my mother has to bear all kinds of pain caused by pregnancy.In addition to the pregnancy reaction, it may not be able to sleep well in the middle and late stages, often getting up at night, walking or sitting back pain, and so on.

Why do pregnant mothers often have back pain in the middle and late pregnancy?

1. Calcium deficiency

As the pregnancy month is getting larger and larger, the number of nutrients needed by the fetus will increase. At this time, pregnant women need to supplement more nutrition to meet the growth and development of the fetus and their own nutritional needs.

The demand for calcium will also increase a lot. If calcium deficiency during pregnancy, it will also cause joint pain, and of course, back pain will also occur.

2. Sit too much or stand for too long

In the middle and late pregnancy, many pregnant women have always been sitting. It is possible to sit for too long or incorrect sitting. Therefore, when the pregnant mother is sitting, she can put a cushion behind her back.

Many pregnant women may have been at work after pregnancy. Some jobs may need to stand for a long time. Such a long time standing will make the waist bears a greater weight, and it will also cause pregnant women to love back pain.

3. The belly is getting bigger and bigger

In the late pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s belly will become larger and larger, and the sense of balance of the body will become worse. In order to maintain the balance of the body, the expectant mother will not help but dump back, and the increased uterus will also be oppressed until the uterus will be oppressed until the uterus will be oppressed until the uterus will be oppressed untilThe lumbar spine causes back pain in the third trimester of pregnancy.

Understand the reason, you can suffer less of these points

1. Dain the sun and keep warm

Because pregnant women and fetuses need more calcium to meet the needs of the body during pregnancy, pregnant women must add more calcium, and the sun can enhance the body’s ability to absorb calcium.

Therefore, pregnant women can relieve low back pain, and they can expose the sun more to enhance the density of the body and bones.And you can also supplement the calcium tablets of pregnant women with the advice of the doctor.

In addition, pregnant women also take care of their body more carefully than usual. They mainly do warm -up work on the back of the waist. Do not let the back of the waist get cold, otherwise it will cause back pain.

2. Proper massage

If the back pain is particularly serious, you can massage appropriately, but be careful not to use essential oil massage, and you should also avoid acupoint massage.Gently massage can help expectant mothers to relieve the muscles of the back of the waist and back, which can relieve low back pain.

3. Choose the appropriate exercise for exercise

During pregnancy, pregnant women can also choose suitable exercise for exercise, such as pregnant women yoga, and swimming. These exercises can enhance the muscles of the waist and back, the muscle mass is enhanced, and it will also relieve back pain.

However, during the exercise, pay attention to the gentle movement, avoid too intense actions, mainly bear your own body, and pay attention not to be too tired.

Women are not easy to get pregnant in October. Family people should pay more attention to the body and psychology and changes of pregnant women, and help pregnant women to relieve their physical and mental fatigue and discomfort.

During pregnancy, pregnant women should pay attention to a balanced nutritional diet, and do not pick eaters to eat.Ensure sufficient sleep and appropriate exercise to promote the better growth and development of the fetus.

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