Bao Ma was 9 months pregnant, and the husband and wife did not hold back the two of them "in the same room". After the child was born, Bao Da cried

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Born a child is a major event. Whether it is a pregnant mother or a family member, she is carefully protecting the baby every day and looks forward to the baby’s advent.However, some parents still feel that there is nothing big in the third trimester. It is not so important to some taboos in the early pregnancy. This is a wrong point of view.No, Xiao Zhang made this mistake.

Xiao Zhang has been pregnant for 9 months, and the fetus shows healthy during prenatal examination a few days ago.Xiao Zhang only needs to wait quietly for the baby’s advent.But not long ago, her husband was separated from Xiao Zhang for a while.After a brief difference, the couple missed each other very much, and they had the same room without holding.

In the process, the husband’s movement may still be a little heavier, which caused Xiao Zhang’s belly to be uncomfortable.Looking down, I panicked immediately, Xiao Zhang’s lower body was bleeding!When the husband saw this scene, he immediately took Xiao Zhang to the hospital.Fortunately, the hospital was very close to home and soon entered the hospital, and the doctor immediately performed surgery for Xiao Zhang.

Fortunately, the couple rushed to the hospital in time without death or big bleeding, but because of the premature birth of the fetus, they were immediately sent to the insulation box.The husband who was waiting anxiously outside was terrified, and cried up with his head. When he learned that his mother and child were safe, the husband and son couldn’t help it anymore, and he cried loudly holding the doctor.

The third trimester is also an important moment during pregnancy, and you cannot do things because the fetus has been formed.There is risks at any time without birth, and even more dangerous.Bao Da Baomao, before the baby is born, think twice before doing anything!

It may occur in the third trimester: the fetal molding starts to be lively and active, which can easily cause the umbilical cord around the neck; if the husband and wife can’t help but the same room may cause premature fetal birth and other problems.

1. Pay attention to sleep posture.In the third trimester, pregnant mothers often have many uncomfortable places to sleep because her belly becomes very large.However, if the pregnant mother is uncomfortable, she should pay more attention to her sleeping posture.It is best to sleep on the side lying, and the incorrect sleeping position is likely to cause adverse consequences.

2. Regular prenatal inspection.The more pregnant the pregnant mothers, the more necessary to conduct a series of prenatal examinations.Don’t think that the fetus is already formed at this time, there is no danger.The degree of danger in the late stage is the same as early, so no matter how busy it is, you must do prenatal inspection.

3. If abdominal pain occurs, it is worth noting.In the third trimester, many Baoma might experience pseudo contractions, and there will be pain in the lower abdomen.Generally speaking, pain will not last long, and the interval is relatively short. This is proven that there is no problem.

However, if the pregnant mother starts to have frequent pain or persistent pain, go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.It should also be noted that if a trace of abnormalities in the body of the pregnant mother must go to the hospital, don’t have a chance!

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