Basic body temperature monitoring: Preparation of pregnancy is essential!Can guide pregnancy, but also respond to various situations

It seems 30 days a month, but not in the same room at any time.Clinically, we usually refer to pregnancy -prone during ovulation until ovulation, and use it as a reference for conception.Therefore, it is important to find ovulation day.

An important way to find the ovulation day is -monitor the basal body temperature.

1. What is the basic body temperature?

Basic body temperature refers to the body temperature under the state of being sober and very quiet, not affected by factors such as muscle activity, mental tension, food and environmental temperature.

2. Why can the basal body temperature guide us to monitor ovulation?

This is because of the influence of women’s receptors in the influence of women’s receptor, and body temperature has changed bilateral changes.The ovulation day is used as the boundary point, and the body temperature is low before ovulation, which is more than 36.5 ° C, but everyone is also different. Like Xiao Qiao himself, the base temperature is 36.2 ° C-36.3 ° C.After ovulation, the increase in the secretion of progesterone in the body increases the basal body temperature compared with the front, about 0.3 ° C -0.5 ° C, and lasts for 14 days.

This is a normal body temperature curve:

3. Why does Xiao Qiao particularly recommend that women with pregnancy monitor their basic body temperature?

This is because compared with ovulation test strips and cervical mucus method, the body temperature curve can also reflect many different situations.

(1) Body temperature curve with incomplete luteum function: The main manifestation is the basis of the basal body temperature, but the base temperature rises slowly or the high temperature phase after ovulation is slow or high temperature.Uachin functional discomfort leads to insufficient progesterone secretion and affects the development of the embryo.

(2) Basic body temperature curve of pregnancy: If the high temperature phase continues for 16 days, the chance of pregnancy is very high!Congratulations!

(3) Perhaps the basal body temperature curve of abortion may be prompted: If the body temperature decreases suddenly after pregnancy, then you should be alert to whether there is a signs of aura.

(4) Single phase (no ovulation) body temperature curve: Only low temperature phases, without high temperature phases. Such a curve indicates that there is no progesterone in the body and may not have ovulation.No fertility requirement is given appropriate treatment plan.

PS: There are two other situations. Although the base temperature is double -phase, it may also lead to infertility, that is, "fake ovulation":

(1) Small follicle luteinization: That is, the follicle does not grow up to about 15mm. In this case, even if ovulation cannot be conceived.

(2) Unblied ovarian luteinization syndrome: The follicles continue to grow. Although the diameter reaches 20mm, it will not be ruptured and discharged.

The above two situations need to be diagnosed with ultrasound monitoring!

4. How to monitor the basic body temperature and related precautions?

(1) You need to prepare a record form before starting monitoring. You can download it online or you can draw one by yourself.Many apps now have the function of recording body temperature, which is very convenient.

Xiao Qiao uses the stick rice app. Compared with other record software, the body temperature curve of the stick rice APP can be browsed horizontally, and there are two display modes (interpretation mode and easy -to -read mode). At the same time, it also supports data export.practical.In addition, you can also buy the electronic thermometer supporting the APP, which is also very easy to use. It is recommended to you!

(2) The thermometer can choose mercury thermometer and electronic thermometer, but it is not recommended to use it.If you choose a mercury thermometer, you need to throw the thermometer below 35.0 ° C before going to bed.Electronic thermometers are not needed.The thermometer should be placed beside the bed for easy getting and turning over at night.

(3) Do not turn over after waking up, do not stretch your waist, do not talk, directly put the thermometer in the oral body temperature (the basic body temperature test is the oral temperature).Mercury body thermometers need to be placed for 5 minutes. For convenience, you can set a 5 -minute alarm clock to remind yourself of your time. If you choose an electronic thermometer, it is recommended to choose the thermometer of "Bee Ren" to remind yourself.

(4) In order to ensure the relative accuracy of the data, it is recommended to measure body temperature at the same time every day, and ensure that there is sufficient sleep for 6 hours.

(5) In the process of recording, if you encounter a cold, fever, insomnia, and poor mood, you should make corresponding records.

(6) Do not worry about monitoring body temperature. It is recommended to monitor at least 3 cycles to obtain more accurate data.

Alright, the girl who prepare for pregnancy, test it!

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