Beichuan Jingzi Real Edition Beautiful Girl, married into the politician family, her husband’s face is comparable to Wu Zun

According to Japanese media reports, actresses Kitagawa Hiroshi and DAIGO announced their pregnancy. Although they have been passed on for four years, they have been "pregnant, but this time it is really true.a child.

Later, her husband DAIGO announced the news on the official website. He said that the situation in the world is very difficult, so he will pay more attention to guarding the mother and son of peace. I hope everyone can also cherish the body and work together to cross the difficulties in front of them.

DAIGO himself is the lead singer of the Rock Orchestra Breakerz and is often active in variety shows.And his background is even more powerful. His grandfather Takeshi is the former Prime Minister of Japan, and his father is the secretary of his grandfather and politicians.

Kitagawa, Kitagawa, is a very popular actress in Japan. The memory of "Sailor Moon" in her childhood is starring her.

In 2011, DAIGO and Kitagawa Yoshiko met each other through the TV series "Lady ~ Last Criminal Psychological Analysts ~", and was subsequently exposed.Ordinary stars may avoid taboos when they are filmed, but he is very generous.

By 2015, Diago announced his engagement with Kitagawa, and officially married in 16 years.After getting married, the two have continued sugar, and they often have intimate photos on SNS.

DIAGO will come to his wife many times after marriage. For example, "The most desired Christmas gift is that my wife is welcome to me every day", "Only one person in the world in my heart is my wife."etc.

The 9 -year -old relationship is the son of politicians and the other is a front -line female star. With the movement and in -depth understanding of netizens from the beginning, they are not optimistic to the current support, and they call them "fairy couples".

As we all know, many Japanese female artists have very general conditions, but Kitagawa Moriko is superior.After she was excavated by the office in her early years, she participated in many girl magazine drafts.

Kitagawa Katsuya’s face is very pure and recognizable. It has been rated as "the most beautiful face of Japan" by Japanese netizens for three consecutive years and is held in ORICON every year.Essence

In 2003, he officially debuted with the Live Edition of Huo Ye Li’s role in "Sailor Moon".Even the COS of anime grabbing horses, Jing Zi’s first love face was perfectly controlled.

After marrying Dagio, Kitagawa Nodako did not give up his career because of getting married. "Reasoning after Dinner" and "Woman who sells houses" have also become her masterpiece.And her girl’s sense of greenness slowly transformed, and the charm of women’s maturity became more obvious.

However, it is reported that Kitagawa Hiroshi began to work since 19 years, and the exposure of appearing in front of the screen has become less and less. It is estimated that it is also to prepare for pregnancy.

In the latest developments, she cut off her long hair since her debut, becoming a clean short hair, and more fashionable.However, according to the people around her: "Kitagawa Moriko has always loved his long hair very much. Now changing his hairstyle, it should have changed the mood."

In the latest issue of "Women’s Seven", the couple also took the couple to visit the shrine together, and it is estimated that they were born smoothly to pray for the baby’s successful birth.

Recently, many netizens have picked up the original DAIGO and also starred in the "Salo Altman". Now it seems that this is simply a epic marriage between Tehman and beautiful girls!

In the future, the "Son of Sky Selection" is probably: "My father is Ultraman, my mother is a beautiful lady, and my grandpa is the Prime Minister of Japan." Thinking about it!


Author: Xiaodian

Responsible editor: Echo

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