Belly pain in four months of pregnancy

Four months of pregnancy have entered the middle of pregnancy, and the placenta bed is stable, which generally does not cause strong pain.Therefore, the cause of stomach pain in four months of pregnancy may be the following:

1. Belly pain in four months of pregnancy caused by ectopic pregnancy.Outdoor pregnancy refers to the development of embryos in bed in the uterus, but outside the uterus, such as tubes, ovaries, abdominal cavity, etc.Symptoms of ectopic pregnancy include partial care of abdominal pain, unreal bleeding, pelvic tenderness, blood pressure falling, fast heartbeat, and pelvic mass.

2. Beltic pain for four months of pregnancy caused by uterine fibroids.Uterine fibroids may grow up during pregnancy. The impact on pregnancy includes fibroids degeneration necrosis, fibroids to reverse, and directly interfere with fetal development or hinder production.This pain usually comes suddenly, and the pain points are fixed, which is local pain.

3. Beltic pain in the four months of pregnancy caused by ovarian tumors.Most ovarian tumors in the early stages of pregnancy are benign, but there are also malignant tumors.If there are ovarian tumors during pregnancy, if there are colic, abdominal discomfort, abnormal abnormal abnormal abnormalities, ascites, etc., you must seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

4. Some diseases during pregnancy can also cause abdominal pain in expectant mothers, but these diseases have no direct reasons for pregnancy, such as appendicitis, intestinal obstruction, gallstone and cholecystitis.Because abdominal pain during pregnancy is more common, sometimes abdominal pain for non -pregnancy causes is easily ignored by expectant mothers.

Four months of pregnancy stomach hurts. For the safety of the expectant mothers, it is best to do the following categories of production inspections:

1. Measurement palace high and abdominal circumference: This is a project that expectant mothers must measure each time.

2. Routine urine examination: After this examination, you can check diseases such as pregnancy hypertension.

3. Edema examination: Moms during pregnancy will have different degrees of edema, but if the lower limbs have obvious depression when the lower limb fingers are pressured, and the edema should be measured quickly when the edema is not eliminated, it is necessary to quickly measure blood pressure to prevent pregnancy hypertension syndrome.

4. Tang’s screening: It can detect whether the baby has birth defects, such as: Tang’s syndrome, no brain or other chromosomal abnormalities.This method is more reliable and less damage.

5. Listening to the fetal heart sound: When you hear the fetal heart sound, you indicate that the baby in the abdomen is life. The doctor will only issue a series of chemical tests after hearing the fetal heartbeat.

Pregnant women have been pregnant for four months and have begun to enter a safe stage, but there are still some precautions worthy of the attention of mothers.

1. In the fourth month of pregnancy, the placenta has been fully developed. In order to make the fetus develop well, it is necessary to take full nutrients. Protein, calcium, iron, vitamin and other nutrients should be balanced and not eaten or picky.

2. The nutrition of pregnant women must be balanced and reasonable. The combination of vegetarian and vegetables, combining thickness, moderate hunger and fullness, light diet should be light, a small amount of meals, avoid eating sweets, high -calorie snacks, fatty meat, fried food, etc.

3. It is not advisable to eat foods with high salt, such as pickles, ham, salted fish, tofu milk, etc.Avoid irritating things, such as pepper, coffee, strong tea, etc.Do not eat more foods and fruits with more starch content.

4. Four months of pregnancy may occur with anemia, so it is particularly important to supplement iron.

5. At this time, pregnant women are prone to sweating and increased secretions. They are vulnerable to germs. They must shower every day, but the time should not be too long and change the underwear frequently.

6. Maintain good living habits.Ensure sufficient, good rest and sleep, and do appropriate housework and physical exercise.

7. Adjust your mentality and maintain a happy mood.Regarding the discomfort caused by pregnancy, we must realize that this is a normal physiological reaction. If it is not particularly severe, you must persist in tolerance, avoid excessive anxiety, and you must not abuse drugs to relieve symptoms.

At four months of pregnancy, the babies have gradually grown up, and the nutrition that expectant mothers need are more and more nutrition. They can slightly adjust the structure of the diet to increase the nutrition and health of the babies.

1. Increase the intake of staple food

Four months of pregnancy began to enter the second trimester. At this time, the fetus grows rapidly. The growth of the mother tissue requires a lot of thermal energy, and this requires the main food to be satisfied.The abundant grain intake in the middle of pregnancy has an important role in ensuring the supply of heat energy, saving protein, and ensuring the growth of fetal tissue.You can choose standard rice, noodles, and feeding some miscellaneous grains, such as millet, corn, oatmeal, etc.East food is comprehensive and diverse

Stornes are comprehensive and diverse, and they are matched with vegetarian and vegetables.Eat more foods rich in many nutrients, such as pork liver, lean meat, eggs, seafood, fish and shrimp, dairy products, soy products, etc., but also eat more fresh yellow -green leafy vegetables and fruits.In the second trimester, pregnant women are prone to constipation and heartburn, and foods rich in dietary fiber should also be eaten, such as celery, cabbage, radish and coarse grains.

2. Increase vegetable oil intake

Liposy, especially essential fatty acids, is a material foundation for cell membrane and central nervous system.The faster development of fetal body and brain in the middle of pregnancy is accelerated, and the need for lipid and essential fatty acids must be increased in time.Therefore, from this month, the amount of vegetable oil used in cooking should be increased, such as soybean oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil, etc.In addition, you can also choose to consume the appropriate amount of nut foods such as peanut kernels, walnut kernels, sunflowers, and sesame seeds.

3. Reasonable cooking

To reduce vitamin deduction from this month, the need for pregnant women to increase various vitamins, especially vitamin A, vitamin C, and B vitamin, and various types of vitamins should be selected.Vitamin loss.

4. Eat less meals

Starting from this month, pregnant women have a great appetite, and the intake of each meal may increase.However, with the progress of pregnancy, the uterus entering the abdominal cavity may be squeezed to the stomach, and the stomach is full of swelling after each meal.Pregnant women can appropriately reduce the intake of each meal, so as to be appropriate. In addition to three meals, arrange some supplementary foods, such as 5-6 meals a day.In addition, it is best to drink a glass of boiling water before getting up every morning or when you first get up. Eat less foods with more sugar and more salt, because excessive sugar can cause fatter, and the salt is absorbed too much.Poisoning.

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