Big surprise: 190 pounds of polycystic sisters are pregnant

Where the door opened, Tian Tian stretched out her round head and asked with a smile, can I come in?

certainly!Tian Tian walked in heavily, sitting deeply on the chair, as if hearing a chair squeak.The weight of more than 190 pounds made the chair a bit "overload". After Tian Tian sat down steadily, his body leaned forward, his round head closer to me, and proudly said to me: Dean, I am pregnant!

Ah, are you pregnant?IntersectionI asked a little surprise.Tian Tian said to me affirmatively, yes, I was pregnant, I showed two red bars with early pregnancy test strips five days ago.

Why didn’t you come to me?

Tian Tian continued, I don’t believe it, I want to wait for a few days to report the goodbye. Who knows that it was a bit bleeding last night, so I was a little panicked, and I came here early in the morning.

When Tian Tian came for the first time, her body was full, and the weight was severe. The height of 160cm was 200 pounds. She also knew that she was a polycystic ovary syndrome.High, open your legs.After listening to me, Tian Tian was obviously unhappy.But while I used medication to correct insulin resistance and adjust endocrine, I repeatedly emphasized the necessity of lowering weight.Three months have passed, and Tian Tian’s weight has dropped to 190 pounds. She said that she couldn’t drop anymore. She resolutely asked for treatment. After adjustment, various hormone indicators improved significantly and basically normal, but she saw her fat and fat, but she saw her fat fat, but she saw her fat and fat, but she saw her fat and fatHer body shape and heavy footsteps are really insufficient confidence, but they can’t hold her, so she promotes her with a mentality of creating a miracle.When I promised her to promote her, I showed a little smile on Tian Tian’s serious face.

After three months of promotion, the follicle grows more than a month than a month, but there is no "shot". Before each promotion, because I am inadequate, I will say the last sentence: You must lose weight!If you lose weight successfully, you can increase the surrogacy rate!In fact, this is to remind her that it is more or less to find a step under the steps. Every time Tian Tian listened to me, she obviously showed a unhappy look.

For the fourth time, I adjusted the medication time and the dosage of the medication on the basis of the first three times. This time the follicles developed very well.Instruct her home to do her homework.

To be honest, although the test sheet shows that the follicle quality is very good and several test data is ideal, I don’t have much confidence to let her "shoot" this month, because I am still worried that Tian Tian is too fat.

However, Tian Tian was really pregnant. When we saw the results of the blood test, we couldn’t help laughing happily.After laughing, Tian Tian asked me uneasily, then it didn’t matter if I had some blood last night?Tiantian is now really pregnant, but you will have certain risks during the whole pregnancy. In the early pregnancy, you must first prevent and be vigilant.Tian Tian asked puzzledly in the occurrence of complications such as diabetes and hypertension, why?Is it caused by too fat?Yes, Tian Tian is too obese and too much fat.Tian Tian said what should I do?It is not easy to get pregnant with your weight. If you listen to your doctor, strictly control your diet, exercise appropriately, ensure nutrition, and regular check -up. We work hard together to support each other and strive for the baby to live safely!Let you have a healthy period of pregnancy.

Tian Tian walked heavily, looking at her bloated back, the word tiger’s back jumped out of the bear, too fat, Tian Tian, the next pressure mountain!

After watching so many infertility patients, those who are thin and fat are also fat, but the relative proportion of such obese and so fast pregnancy is smaller.Girls, if unfortunately, the polycystic ovary syndrome, or very obese, causes not to be pregnant, then the first prescription to reduce weight!

The night is quiet. While litting himself with life, it feels a little tired, it’s time to sleep …

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