Bleeding after pregnancy, why did you not get pregnant?

Bleeding after pregnancy, why did you not get pregnant?Original starting popular science from obstetrics and gynecology online.

Foreword -The situation of bleeding during early pregnancy is very common in clinical practice. It can be seen in multiple possibilities, such as biochemical pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy or threatened abortion. How can we distinguish it?How should we face the problem of bleeding after pregnancy?

On one day, Xiao A came to my clinic, doctor, I was pregnant, and the blood test was good 5 days ago, but today the bleeding is like menstruation. She wants to check the color ultrasound. I only give the blood test.It is normal with progesterone.

Why is this?Is there a miscarriage?

This is biochemical pregnancy.Little A listened to my explanation.

What is biochemical pregnancy?It is also called implicit abortion, which is very high, but I do n’t know because I did n’t check HCG and progesterone before, and there was no related research.Biochemical pregnancy bleeding is like menstruation, and it is like a normal menstruation, so it has been misunderstood by everyone.

Biochemical pregnancy does not affect the body, does not need to be confinement, does not affect future pregnancy, but repeated biochemical pregnancy requires luteal support during pregnancy.

When I continued to explain the issue of biochemical pregnancy, Xiao A was still a little puzzled.For example, our flowers bones fell before flowering.This time, Xiao A understood it.

Biochemical pregnancy is not a natural miscarriage we understand. Generally, the popular definition of natural abortion is the loss of embryo after color Doppler ultrasound examination to determine that the internal pregnancy is lost.The bleeding of biochemical pregnancy is just a little more menstrual bleeding. There is no severe abdominal pain and no gestational sac, so there is no excretion of the gestational sac.

In clinical cases, biochemical pregnancy is easily confused with threatened abortion during ectopic pregnancy or early pregnancy.

First, biochemical pregnancy: a short -term sperm egg binding, and then bleeding, there can be mild abdominal pain, like menstruation, blood test HCG and progesterone are no problem, color ultrasound examination does not see the gestational sac, and then, as vaginal bleeding increases,HCG and progesterone are returning to normal.

Second, ectopic pregnancy: there are many menopause history, abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding, HCG will not return to normal, you can’t see the gestational sac in the color Doppler ultrasound, but you can see the attachment block or pelvic effusion. At the same time, progesterone is very low.Essence

Third, threatened abortion, mostly abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding. If the color Doppler examination is seen, the diagnosis is clear. If you can’t see the gestational sac, at this time, it is not different from the biochemical pregnancy.Time to prove exactly what it is, you need to repeat the examination of HCG and progesterone to confirm the diagnosis.Some need 15 days to clear what specific is. Therefore, at this time, some people will be anxious and think about what exactly is, but they are all futile.

During the early pregnancy, if there is no vaginal bleeding or abdominal pain, do not have too early medical intervention. For example, do not review HCG and progesterone or color ultrasound examination. After fertilization, fertilized eggs need time to develop, and it takes time to bed in the uterus. IfBlood test is too early. If HCG and progesterone are too low, you can only observe the review, but increase everyone’s tension, which is not conducive to the development of fertilized eggs, is not conducive to the swing of the fallopian tube, but is prone to ectopic pregnancy.

However, if there are abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding, if there is a painful expression in the figure below, please go to the doctor to avoid adverse events.

In addition, bleeding caused by part of the pregnancy factors is mistaken for menstruation, and some of them are biochemical pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy, and we also need to pay attention to it.

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