Blooding after pregnancy?What is the probability of abortion?It’s half less than you think!

As an old assistant who has worked in the delivery room for more than 20 years, I often receive a call from some pregnant women to ask some problems I encountered during pregnancy. Sometimes I also encounter it in the middle of the night.

"Miss Red, I just got pregnant for more than two weeks, but found that the lower body was bleeding. What should I do?" Is it going to have a miscarriage? "

I believe that many pregnant women will encounter the same problem.I can also understand that when pregnant women who are easy to get pregnant, they will naturally think of the worst situation when they see their blood out of their blood out.

In fact, early pregnancy bleeding is not as terrible as people think.It is a very healthy pregnant woman. There are 10%possibilities, and blood bleeding has varying degrees in the early pregnancy.Why is this so?

The reason is caused by pregnancy. When the embryo entered the uterine wall, it sometimes caused adverse reactions.Newborn, fragile blood vessels can rupture and cause bleeding.In this case, as long as there is no large amount of bleeding, blood condensation, or severe belly colic, pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much.

Of course, some early pregnancy bleeding is caused by threatening abortion.Before the placenta is completely formed, the embryo bed is not stable, and the embryo and the uterine wall will separate to varying degrees. Once the blood vessels that are separated, the symptoms of vaginal hemorrhage will cause the symptoms of vaginal hemorrhage.

However, pregnant mothers do not have to be too nervous. According to a medical research statistics, more than 50%of pregnant women can survive the bleeding level in the early pregnancy and successfully continue pregnancy.Only about 30%of pregnant women may occur in early pregnancy, half less than ordinary people think.

Some pregnant women asked: "Miss Red, I am worried that vaginal bleeding occurs during early pregnancy, which means that the fetus is successful. Will there be some hidden diseases in the fetus after birth?"

In fact, there is no need to worry about this problem. If there is a problem with the fetus, it will have a miscarriage in the early days. As long as you can continue your pregnancy, the pregnant mother is born on time, and the fetus is healthy.

So what should pregnant mothers do if bleeding occurs?

Here, Sister Xiaohong teaches you a tip. If the color of the bleeding is brown, pregnant women need not worry. The brown blood indicates that the bleeding has stopped, so the oxidation is coffee.It’s right.However, if the blood is bright red, it is necessary to pay attention, indicating that the embryo is not stable and it is a threatened abortion. At this time, pregnant women need absolute bed rest and go to the hospital to ask the doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

Pregnant mothers should also pay attention to that as long as an abnormal bleeding occurs once a day, no matter what the color, be sure to rest in bed to avoid sitting on the abdominal exercise, and avoid urination and constipation.Guarantee the stability of the placenta.

There are also a few bleeding, accompanied by abdominal pain, you need to pay attention. It may be caused by diseases such as ectopic pregnancy. At this time, you must be highly vigilant. It is best to go to the hospital immediately.Proper treatment.

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