Breast fibroma usually has three types, with fibroma, and 3 manifestations may occur.

Breast fibroma is a common benign tumor in breasts. It is generally believed that estrogen effects are closely related to active and occurred in a period of strong sexual function.Breast fibroma diagnosis is common in young women. Most of them are short hair. They grow slowly but unconsciously. They often find spherical masses in the breasts.Slowly grow, block or oval, smooth surface, tough texture, obvious border, and touch.

Many people confuse the breast nodules with malignant tumors, breast cysts, and fibroma.In fact, the breast nodule is a broad concept. Whether it is our hand touches, or the "mass" detected in ultrasonic, X -ray, MRI, etc., are called nodules.

The nodule itself is not the name of the disease, but the general name.Breast nodules include breast hyperplasia, breast fibroma, breast cysts, breast tumors, etc. The nature of the disease is not obvious.

Breast fibroma usually has these three types

(1) Ordinary fibroma, this type is the most common, with small tumors and slow growth, generally below 3 cm.

(2) Most of the youth fiber adenoma occurs in the early tide of menstruation. It is not clinically seen. The growth is fast and the tumor body is large.

(3) Giant fibrous adenoma: Middle -aged women are seen in pregnancy, breastfeeding, and women before and after menopause. They are characterized by more than 10 cm and occasionally changes in sarcoma.

What is the bad impact of breast fibroma on patients?There are 3 main

1. Treatment delay will endanger life, and it is almost unaware of breast fibroma.Some people think that the existence and treatment of breast fibroma is not a big problem.

However, there are 10%leaf -type breast discharge clinically, and its symptoms are similar to breast fibroma. It should be reminded that once the treatment time is delayed, it will challenge life.Pathological biopsy can be relieved.

2. The dangerous part of the postoperative recurrence part of the woman skepticized whether the breast fibroma surgery can recur.In fact, in the surgery of the surgeon, the envelope and the surrounding leaves are completely removed, and you pay attention to whether there are new lesions.

Such concerns can be avoided.However, the recurrence of breast fibroma will further damage the health of patients, so it is necessary to do a good job of preventing recurrence after surgery.

3. Some people who have deteriorated due to blind medication believe that breast fibroma can disappear through drug treatment, which consumes a lot of financial resources and energy.

Clinically, you can see a slightly swollen breast mass after taking the medicine, but most of them are not breast fibroma, but breast hyperplasia nodules.

After suffering from breast fibroma, pregnancy has an impact on both.The main factors that cause breast fibroma are related to estrogen, so there is no breast fibroma without estrogen, and the human body is prone to breast fibroma under the stimulation of estrogen.

In addition, women can produce a large amount of estrogen during pregnancy, promote the rapid growth of breast fibroma, compress the surrounding normal glands, and have a certain impact on postpartum breastfeeding.If treatment is received during pregnancy, babies and their own health may be affected.In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, it is best to get pregnant after cure.


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