Breast pain during pregnancy, too torture?Just need 4 tricks to help you solve it easily

After pregnancy, many mothers said that their breasts became very sensitive, and they often felt painful, and they were tortured.In fact, this situation is normal, because the hormone in mothers will change during pregnancy, especially the large amount of secretion of estrogen and progesterone will promote the development of mammary tubes and breast bubbles.The most direct manifestation is that the breasts will become larger and have a sense of swelling.In fact, this is also to prepare for the baby’s breastfeeding in the future, so don’t worry too much.If you want to effectively reduce breast swelling and pain, during pregnancy, mothers may wish to try these 4 tricks!

Dress the right underwear

During pregnancy, my mother will become special, especially the breasts will be extremely sensitive. In addition, the breasts are swollen and will bring a lot of discomfort.If you still wear ordinary bras, it will compress the mothers’ breasts, which will not only affect breast health, but also affect the secretion of postpartum milk.Therefore, it is best to put on breastfeeding underwear. This underwear fabric is softer and breathable. Mom can freely adjust the size of the cup based on breast changes during pregnancy to avoid compression of the breast.In addition, this underwear also uses a three -dimensional design and support function, which can better fit the mother’s body curve and prevent the chest from sagging.

Hot compresses, massage breasts

During pregnancy, mothers have a swelling of breasts, and they are mostly caused by secondary development of breasts, so mothers may wish to try to relieve it through hot compresses and massage breasts.Baoma often compresses and massages, which can increase the temperature of the breast and surrounding skin, thereby speeding up the blood circulation speed of the breast tissue and promoting the smoothness of the breast ducts.However, at this time, the mother’s breasts are more sensitive and fragile, so whether it is hot or massaged, avoid hurting the breast and nipples.

Make breast cleaning

After the mother is pregnant, the physical resistance will decline and be easily attacked by harmful bacteria, so the mother must clean the body, especially the breast.Regularly cleaning the breast can not only effectively relieve breast pain, keep the mother’s breast ducts smooth, but also increase the toughness and elasticity of the nipples, and reduce the probability of postpartum lactation nipple cracked.When cleaning the breast, she can prepare a clean towel, then dip some warm water, and gently wipe it.

Exercise appropriately

Through appropriate exercise, you can also reduce your mother’s chest tenderness.Because in the process of exercise, the blood flow rate of the mother’s whole body accelerates, so that the speed of metabolism increases, and the mood will become more relaxed.If you are in a good mood, your breasts are naturally reduced.However, mothers must pay attention to choosing sports that are suitable for you, such as walking, yoga during pregnancy, etc. Do not do too severe and strong exercise, otherwise it may affect herself and fetal health.

In addition, the mother should pay attention to the following three things during pregnancy, which will make the breasts healthier. Let’s take a look!

1. When sleeping, the mother try to use a sideline sleeping posture as much as possible. Do not sleep on your stomach. This will easily compress the breasts, causing the blood flow to be unobstructed, which will affect the development of the breast.

2. During pregnancy, the mother’s breasts will continue to grow, and the weight of the breast will increase, so you can eat more collagen foods in your diet, increase skin elasticity, and avoid sagging in the chest.

3. Some pregnant mothers feel that breast swelling and pain are severe, so they blindly take some drugs for treating breast pain. This approach is not desirable.The ingredients in the drug are likely to be absorbed by the fetus and affect his health, so the mother must not take the medicine blindly.

During pregnancy, the mother’s breasts will develop again, and at the same time, discomfort and other discomfort will occur, so you must do breast care and not care.Otherwise, it may affect postpartum milk secretion and delay the baby’s development.

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