Breeding Class: Eight weeks of pregnancy, fetal development and changes in pregnant mothers

Entering the 8th week, pregnant mothers will have a strong feeling that she wants to be a mother. The joy of the mother and the sorrow of worrying about the healthy growth of the mother will blend with each other.To be a beautiful, strong, and smart pregnant mothers not only learn all kinds of childcare knowledge during pregnancy, but also carefully record the little bit of life.

Fetal development and mother change

8 weeks of fetal development

The eighth week of the embryo is about 16 mm long, and it looks like a grape.At this time, the embryo began to move like a bean beating.Because the bone marrow has not yet formed, a large amount of red blood cells are now produced by the liver until the bone marrow is formed to take over the liver.Although the body is small, the heart and the brain have developed very complicated, the organ of the embryo has begun to have obvious characteristics. Different organs have begun to develop busyly, and there are a small amount of pheasant objects between fingers and toes.The teeth and palate have also begun to develop, and the ears are continuing to develop. The skin of the fetus is as thin as paper, which can clearly see the blood vessels.Although in the uterus, you feel that you are still silent. In fact, the fetus will now do some small movements of kicking, stretching legs, raising your hands, and moving arms.

Mother’s symptoms

When the uterus grows, your abdomen will feel a little spasm and even instantly pain.You may not want to eat because of nausea and vomiting, but in order to ensure the baby’s development, you should also try to eat nutritious foods.The frequency and frequency of your urine may exceed usual. The intensity of vomiting is proportional to the hormonal value. Pregnant women who are pregnant with a multi -cell will feel more disgusting.In addition, you are becoming more and more sensitive to the smell, and your stomach will start to become sensitive

Special precautions this week

Under the circumstances of sexual life in the early pregnancy, should you avoid?

Sexual life in the early pregnancy is not everyone. In some cases, you need to avoid sexual life in the early stages of pregnancy.If you have any symptoms of vaginal bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy, I hope you better avoid post pregnancy.If you have a history of abortion, you must be cautious when choosing to be sexual life in early pregnancy. It is recommended that you consult a doctor first.Especially for the prospective mothers who have successfully conceived their babies after many efforts, for this hard -won baby, they will be extra careful and feel that they are not too cautious.Their husbands may also be nervous because of this, for fear that if they are not careful, they will be awe of sexual life in the early pregnancy.If this is really the case, sexual life after pregnancy may affect the emotions between you, and even more serious, it will not be conducive to the maintenance of husband and wife relationship.

Nutrition tips at 8 weeks of pregnancy:

1. This week’s pregnant mothers can try to use fruits to add vegetables to slightly resist the following more severe pregnancy reactions and more severe vomiting, such as lemon, navel orange, pineapple, etc. to cook foodAdd vinegar to add delicious dishes.You can also try sour plum soup, orange juice, sugar cane juice, etc. to relieve pregnancy discomfort.

2. Due to pregnancy reactions, many pregnant mothers will be burnout, too lazy to move, and also eat more finely, which can easily cause constipation.Once constipation occurs, pregnant mothers remember not to use laxatives, but should take diet conditioning, or use sweetness and intestines to ease.

The practice of pan -fried denim slices with mushroom potato

Ingredients: denim willow (sliced), mushrooms (slices), onion grains, chicken soup, cream, American potato, miscellaneous salad.

Method: 1. Boil the potato until half cooked, and then remove it slightly to cool down

2. Stir -fried onions, add potato shreds and stir well.

3. Heat the flat pan and put it in a denim willow until it is slightly cooked, and then remove it.

4. Put the potato cakes and denim willow on the disc, and then sprinkle with shallots to break.

The first birth inspection:

Generally, the first formal checkup is required at the 8th to 12th weeks of pregnancy. At this time, the hospital will establish a file for each pregnant woman to record your physical examination during the entire pregnancy.Therefore, the first birth checkup is also commonly known as "building files".The first production inspection items include consultation, measurement of weight and blood pressure, listening to fetal heart, urine testing, blood test, and examination of uterine size.Due to the different arrangements of each hospital, the specific situation of pregnant women is similar to certain projects.

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