Breeding during pregnancy may not necessarily have a miscarriage

Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy must be the most worrying thing for expectant mothers.In fact, there are many causes of vaginal bleeding. How to find the corresponding countermeasures is the most important and most important thing.Li Xin, director of the production room of Xuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital, reminded expectant mothers that scientifically and objectively understanding vaginal bleeding and making targeted treatment is the key to the problem.

Specific mothers must scientifically understand vaginal bleeding

The vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, the first thing everyone thought of was abortion.TV series often perform like this: when I am pregnant, I suddenly bleed, and I went to the hospital to check, and the child was gone.In this way, pregnant mothers are particularly nervous when they encounter bleeding.

However, in reality, the vaginal bleeding during pregnancy is not necessarily aborted. Li Xin, director and chief physician of Xuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital, reminded the pregnant mother to not panic, and may be in other circumstances.Director Li Xin often admitted various patients who often admitted to bleeding during pregnancy.

Since Ms. Wang’s pregnancy, there has always been a small amount of vaginal bleeding. The local doctor gave her tire protection according to the warning.Unexpectedly, one day after 5 months of pregnancy, Ms. Wang suddenly bleed a lot of vagina, and she felt wrong. She hurriedly came to Xuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital for inspection.It turned out that Ms. Wang’s placenta had problems.

Director Li Xin told reporters that vaginal bleeding during pregnancy occurred in the early stages of pregnancy, in the middle, and late stages of pregnancy.Essence

Vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy may be related to gynecological diseases

"In fact, most of the vaginal bleeding during the early pregnancy is threatened abortion, inevitable miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, etc., but also treats disease -related diseases, but gynecological diseases also account for many proportion." Li Xin, director of the production room of the municipal maternal and child health hospital, analyzed it in detail.

The first possibility of vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy is a threatened abortion.Director Li Xin said that in the early stages of pregnancy, a small amount of vaginal bleeding, mostly manifested as brown secretions, the most common is threatened abortion, which is related to the unstable bed in the fetus. At this time, most embryos are still good. After proper observation and treatment, bleeding will stop.Essence

If the embryo develops poorly, the amount of bleeding gradually increases, and abdominal pain will also occur until the embryo tissue is completely eliminated from the vagina, and eventually it will inevitably abortion.

If the embryo tissue cannot be completely eliminated, it is incomplete abortion, and the amount of bleeding will exceed the menstrual flow of menstrual periods. Clear clearance is needed to help patients recover.

Vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy is also possible for ectopic pregnancy.Pregnant women with vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy should take B -ultrasound, related hormone levels and gynecological examinations in time to determine whether it is an ectopic pregnancy patient. If ectopic pregnancy cannot be excluded, corresponding treatment should be actively treated to avoid delaying the disease and danger of life.

Director Li Xin also emphasized that vaginal bleeding during pregnancy may still be a gynecological disease, and many people will ignore this situation.For example, acute vaginitis, acute stage of cervicitis, cervical polyps, cervical malignant lesions, etc. The level of related reproductive hormones during pregnancy increases. Under the influence of hormones, the reproductive organs will have significant congestion.Condition.

Director Li reminded that vaginal hemorrhage occurs in the early pregnancy, especially pregnant women who have repeated vaginal bleeding, should go to a regular hospital for gynecological examination, clarify the cause, and do targeted treatment.Many people refuse to do vaginal examinations in the early pregnancy and worry that they will cause abortion. This is a misunderstanding.

Bleeding in the middle of pregnancy is mostly affected by placenta factors

The second trimester is a relatively stable period for pregnant women and fetuses, and is a critical period for fetal growth and development.The unstable factor of vaginal hemorrhage is sometimes visited. The placenta factor is the first. If there is a problem with the placenta, it means that the connection between the fetus and the mother has obstacles.

Director Li Xin said that if the placenta position is relatively low in the middle of pregnancy, as the gestational week increases, most placenta can be moved to a normal placenta with the upper palace body.Therefore, before 28 weeks of pregnancy, expectant mothers found that the placenta was low, and she didn’t have to worry too much. Pay attention to tracking and observing under the guidance of a doctor.If it is 28 weeks of pregnancy or even 32 weeks of pregnancy, the placenta position is still low, then the diagnosis is the front placenta.

Clinically, the front placenta will have no cause and painless vaginal bleeding.This is because the lower part of the uterus in the middle and late pregnancy gradually stretches and pulls the inner mouth of the cervix, and the front part of the placenta attached to the lower section of the uterine and the inner mouth of the cervix cannot be extended accordingly, and the blood sinus rupture forms bleeding.Vaginal bleeding in the middle of pregnancy must first understand the placenta position, contractions, and whether there is a threatened abortion for treatment.

"The pre -placenta is mainly for prevention." Director Li said that pregnant mothers should quit smoking, detoxifying, and avoid passive smoking in their lifestyle; avoid making old -age initial mother;Endometrial injury and the occurrence of endometritis can be reduced to reduce the incidence of pre -placental placenta after pregnancy.

Vaginal bleeding in the third trimester may be early peeling of the placenta

Placental peeling is one of the most common causes of pre -production bleeding in the third trimester. The cause of the current onset is unknown. External force impact on the abdomen or sexual life in the third trimester may increase the risk of premature placenta peeling.

Director Li Xin introduced that the premature danger of the placental peeling depends on the extent of the dotted surface, which can be divided into hiddenness and explicitability. The premature placenta is accompanied by vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain and other symptoms. Pregnant mothers are more likely to findIt is relatively hidden. It is not easy to find that once the consultation is not timely, it is likely that the fetus will lose life due to ischemia and hypoxia, and the maternal may also be life -threatening because of great hemorrhage.

Typical features are vaginal bleeding accompanied by abdominal pain or back pain symptoms, but some patients have no obvious pain and may be misdiagnosed as threatened premature birth.

However, vaginal bleeding in the third trimester may also be a signal that is about to give birth.Because before the launch of the launch, most pregnant women, especially the first mother, will have a little vaginal bleeding, mostly dark red, which is usually called redness, which is a more reliable symptom of before delivery.

Most pregnant women will develop symptoms after 24-48 hours of vagina.If the vaginal blood volume is large and greater than the menstrual flow, the color is bright red, you need to go to the hospital immediately.If the pregnancy week is less than 37 weeks, a small amount of vaginal bleeding occurs, and it is accompanied by paroxysmal lower abdominal pain symptoms.

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