British Prime Minister and Jiao wife kissing in public is too sweet!Mrs. wearing a big red skirt is a second child’s pregnant belly, becoming a lot of fat

The first lady of Britain Kelly Johnson held her second child to help Boris for two consecutive days. She had to give birth to the second child for a few months. She was really eye -catching when she stepped on high -heeled shoes!Kelly has been pregnant for more than 8 months and is so hard.The first lady was a lot of fat. On October 6, local time, she appeared in a big red skirt.

1. The big red skirt of the British first lady

Fashion features: maternity costumes; cotton material; loose models

Kelly still likes a red dress. This time, she chose a typical maternity dress, which is also in line with her current figure.Kelly, who became fat, was not just fat, but the double chin visible to the naked eye was really very conspicuous.

This skirt from Kelly comes from Cabbages & Roses, which is equivalent to more than 3,000 yuan. For the super -saving Kelly, such more than 3,000 skirts are very luxurious.After all, the clothes she attended the event before was rented, and she couldn’t spend much money a month.

Second, Boris and Kelly kiss in public are so sweet

Unexpectedly, Boris was so enthusiastic about showing affection, and kissed his wife Kelly in public, as if he had staged a romantic idol drama!Compared with the past, Boris’s hairstyle this time was relatively refreshing, not as messy as before, and was vomited as "golden retriever hairstyle".And this time, Boris, who was finally raised, and Kelly really sprinkled a dog food.

Kelly prepared for three years. This second child who was about to be born was Boris’s seventh child. Boris was going to be a father immediately, and it was naturally super excited.

3. The first lady in the UK becomes a lot of fat

The red skirt shape made the skin of the first lady very tender, but these chins did grab the limelight.Now Kelly is no longer suitable for wearing too tight skirts. In fact, she is still quite conservative in dressing. Pregnant women wear maternity clothes instead of wearing a very tight skirt to highlight the big belly like Meghan to highlightYour own curve.

The 33 -year -old Kelly’s hairstyle was also very feminine that day. Jin Chancan’s big curly hair made Kelly very charming.Kelly is actually not usually frequently appeared, and the style of pregnant women’s clothing these days is very shining!

Features of Kelly Maternity Costume 1: High waistline

In fact, for Kelly, the choice of comfortable and not diarrhea is the first choice.The shape of these two days is made of cotton, and the high waistline is also very important for pregnant women. It is very tired to hold the big belly. You need to leave a certain space for the belly.Very important.

Features of Kelly Maternity Costume 2: Retro Style

Although the overall looks bloated, the shapes of Kelly’s choice are still very retro. This skirt uses the design of the buttons behind it. Some fungus design on the waistline also makes the overall style more playful.According to Kelly’s age, it is enough to be a daughter to Boris, and this is the youngest British first lady, and she is promoted to the first lady from the first girlfriend of Tangning Street. Kelly is really a bit strong.

Kelly’s shapes are more grounded, and ordinary people can also imitate.In fact, many pregnant women can wear tight skirts like Meghan all day during pregnancy, and like Kelly are the most realistic performance.

British Prime Minister and Jiao wife kissing in public is too sweet!Mrs. wearing a big red skirt is a second child’s pregnant belly, becoming a lot of fat

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