Cai Xukun also collapsed the house?The exposed girl asked for a fetus after pregnancy, and the mother’s solution was accused of illegal

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Last night, there was a paparazzi notice to expose the most explosive melon this year, and also emphasized three times. It was a "true top flow". At first, everyone thought it was the love melon of the 18 -line artist.Really melon!

It was said that on May 20, 21, Cai Xukun and a girl named C were introduced by a friend in a KTV in Chaoyang District, Beijing, and the last two had a relationship in the early morning of the 21st.

One month later, the girl found that she was pregnant. After contacting Cai Xukun, he hoped that the woman would be killed.

On July 5, the girl went to the hospital alone to get a fetus.

After Cai Xukun’s mother knew this, she began to conspiracy theory, and felt that it might be the girl who wanted to blackmail her son, but Cai Xukun did not take protection measures at the time, so his mother contacted Ms. C., Also installed the surveillance camera at the door of her house.

According to the content of the monitoring, Cai Xukun’s mother also suspected that the child might be her and other men, because she went home with a girl and a boy in the early morning, but the staff confirmed that the boy was a boyfriend of Ms. C.

But in this incident, Ms. C was severely injured, so she broke the news.

The news also exposed Ms. C’s fetal certificate. According to the medical records, the fetal time was on July 5.

In addition, paparazzi also revealed the recording of Cai Xukun’s mother’s arrangement to negotiate with Ms. C, as well as a chat record with her staff, private detectives.

The mother who was suspected of Cai Xukun’s mother in the recording asked the staff to withdraw 200,000 cash, and let the staff not need to give her so much at one time. She also felt that she would not be so happy to be a crowd. Both of them had lost trust.

According to the screenshot of the chat, Mother Cai Xukun also questioned that Ms. C was 33 weeks pregnant, and the fetal results had developed well. The staff responded that the test results were true that the hospital would not listen to the patients.

Cai Xukun’s mother also urged the staff to add Ms. C to negotiate with her. After the staff added, she agreed to meet with her, and said that she would take money to go to the hospital with her. After the end, pay the money immediately.

Private detectives also discussed with Cai Xukun’s mother and staff in the group based on the monitoring of Ms. C’s door. The monitoring time showed that it was July 19, 21.

In addition to illegal installation and monitoring at Ms. C’s house, Mother Cai Xukun also retrieved Ms. C’s personal identity information. This is all illegal acts.

After the news came out, it was almost shattered from the three views of netizens. Since Cai Xukun’s debut, his image has been very good. He is also a pure big boy line. He has also revealed that his love experience is 0.

However, as early as the 21st year of the 21st, shortly after Ms. C was born, someone broke the news that Cai Xukun was unwilling to pay 5 million sealing fees and gave the other party 500,000, but the woman did not agree. At that time, the news that everyone was not everyone.believe.

In February and November of 22, someone broke the news, saying that it had been ate a century of melon, but this melon could not be burst, because the public relations were overwhelmed, and the sealing fee at the scene did not need money. Some people broke the news.Essence

In January of this year, some paparazzi predicted that there would be two three -character men’s top -collapsed houses in the first half of the year, and there was no accident that Cai Xukun was one of them.

There were others picked up. On May 20, the 21st, Cai Xukun was suspected to be in Beijing. On May 16, he flew back from Guangzhou to Beijing and flew from Beijing to Shanghai on the 24th.

Of course, fans also clarified that on May 21, Cai Xukun was recording "Running Man". People were not in Beijing, but the show was broadcast on the 21st, not recording time. According to Cai Xukun’s studio in May 21st year, "Running Man"The recording time is 28-30 days.

At the same time, fans clarified that Beijing KTV was only open on June 30, 21, and the time is not right, but this time is very interesting. If the news is true, this is also a black spot.

Regarding the medical records of the Internet and the recording fans of Cai Xukun’s mother, the summary of the summary is: Some people want to black my brother.

After breaking the news, Cai Xukun Fang kept silent, and did not deny it without response. This attitude was very problematic. Mo Xiaoqi also predicted that in the summer of 2023, Cai Xukun’s emotional life may cause him some kind of public opinion pressure. MayIt will only get rid of the influence in 2026.

At present, Cai Xukun has a concert abroad, but so many staff members, if the news is false, the speed of public relations will not be so slow. Of course, it is currently the saying of the woman and paparazzi.

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