Cai Xukun’s rumors of "one -night stand pregnant" were exposed. After the apology, the "secret lover" was exposed again?

Cai Xukun’s rumors of "one -night stand pregnant" were exposed. After the apology, the "secret lover" was exposed again?

Recently, Cai Xukun was caught in a storm of public opinion, the reason for a rumor about his "one -night stand to the woman’s pregnancy abortion".In this storm, Cai Xukun quickly took action and issued a post on July 3 to respond to this.However, he apologized for less than an hour, and another photo of a "secret lover" was exposed.

According to rumors, Cai Xukun met with a girl named C on May 20, 2021, and then the two had a relationship.However, a month later, the girl found that she was pregnant.She found Cai Xukun, hoping to get a responsible answer, but the man asked her to kill her child.In the end, the girl performed an abortion surgery alone on July 5.

This news caused a stir on the Internet.Many netizens expressed their expectations for Cai Xukun’s response and condemned his behavior.Just when everyone was still discussing this incident, another entertainment blogger publicly exposed a group of photos. One man in the photo was intimate with another woman, suspected that the man was Cai Xukun.

The scale of this group of photos is dazzling.For a while, the focus of public opinion gathered again on Cai Xukun.After seeing this group of photos, many netizens expressed doubt that Cai Xukun had more secret lover.

Under the pressure of this series of public opinion, Cai Xukun finally responded.He wrote on social media: "It is purely a rumor! It has been called the police!" He said that this group of photos has nothing to do with him, and there are people who maliciously make rumors.

Although Cai Xukun’s response has denied these rumors, this public opinion storm has undoubtedly affected his image.In the era of information explosion, rumors and malicious attacks on the Internet are endless.For public figures, how to protect their image and privacy undoubtedly become an increasingly difficult thing.

However, we must also call on the majority of netizens to look at these rumors and news rationally.When forwarding and commenting, we should maintain objective and rational, and do not easily believe and spread the information that unconfirmed.At the same time, we should also respect everyone’s privacy and human rights, and do not excessively violate the personal space of others.

For Cai Xukun, this public opinion storm is undoubtedly a challenge, but it is also an opportunity.He can reflect on his behavior and image more deeply through this incident, so as to better face the attention and evaluation of the public and the media.

Finally, we hope that this public opinion storm can calm down as soon as possible, so that Cai Xukun and everyone who pays attention to the matter can return to a peaceful life.At the same time, we also look forward to contributing to the harmony and stability and good atmosphere of society for each public figure.””

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