Can HPV infection still get pregnant?

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Su Yanyan

Xiao Jing, 32, was checked by HPV52 and 58 positive when she had a pre -marital medical examination. She consults the doctor, can I still get pregnant?Will HPV infection get cervical cancer?In life, there are many women like Xiaojing. It is recommended that women who prepare for pregnant women must be calm once they are infected with HPV viruses. They must go to a regular hospital for consultation. The doctor will conduct correct diagnosis and guidance based on the actual situation.

Do you get cancer if you are infected with HPV virus?

HPV human papilloma virus is a small, packet -free double -chain DNA virus.HPV is divided into two categories: high -risk (carcinogen) and low -risk (non -carcinogenic).

High -risk HPV has the most close relationship with human tumors, and is closely related to the entire process of tumor start, occurrence, development, development and malignant phenotype.Almost all (99.7%) cervical cancer is caused by HPV infection. HPV16 and 18 subtype types are the most closely related to malignant tumors, resulting in more than 70%of cervical cancer, 80%of anal cancer, 60%of vaginal cancer, and vaginal cancer, and the vaginal cancer, and the vaginal cancer, and the vaginal cancer.40%vulvar cancer.HPV45 and 31 contracted 5%and 10%of cervical cancer, respectively.

Low -risk HPV is the pathogen that causes the anal warts of reproductive tract. HPV6 and 11 and 90%of reproductive tract warts and 96%of genital warts.

Women’s HPV infection rates in sexual activity account for 50%-80%. After HPV infection, there are usually no symptoms. Most HPV infections are excessive, and the risk of progress is small.Most HPV removal takes time. About 50%of people may turn overcast within half a year, and the remaining 20%-30%may take 2-3 years to become normal.

From chronic sustainable high-risk HPV infection to the final development to malignant tumors, it usually takes 10-20 years, but an exception of a few cases can progress as a malignant tumor within 1-2 years.

How does HPV infection affect pregnancy?

HPV’s impact on fertilization: Most studies believe that HPV infection will not affect fertilization, and female HPV infection itself will not increase the difficulty of conception.Some studies also believe that women who accept artificial insemination, HPV -positive sperm conception rate is only 1/4 of negative sperm.When men are infected, the live/pregnancy rate decreases, and the abortion rate increases.Due to limited research data, further verification is still required.

The impact of HPV infection on the mother: Different studies have found that pregnancy does not cause the progress of HPV or LSIL (low -scale scales epithelial lesions).

The impact of HPV infection on the ending of pregnancy: First of all, the reproductive tract infection. HPV infection itself has no obvious correlation with the premature breakthrough of the non -full moon membrane. HPV infection is a sexually transmitted disease.Diseases, vulvar vaginal fake silk yeast disease, sandylonia chlamydia, etc. These undercaria infections are related to the ending of bad pregnancy. Therefore, HPV positive such as merging infection, which can easily cause premature breakthroughs in the firous membrane.

The impact of low -risk HPV infection on neonatal: Low -risk subtype HPV infection (6, 11) can be transmitted to the baby through maternal and infants during delivery, which can cause neonatal throat papilloma.The increase of the laryngeal nipples and respiratory symptoms, such as the extensive lesions, can cause severe respiratory difficulties and deaths; it can also cause damage to soft lane damage during vaginal trials, but some studies have said that this probability is less.Therefore, it is believed that HPV infection has little effect on pregnancy ending and newborns.Newborns rarely occur in HPV infection. After 6 months of follow -up, HPV infection can naturally turn overcast.

HPV infection is not an absolute taboo for pregnancy

HPV -positive is not an absolute taboo of pregnancy, but it does not rule out the risk of premature fetal membrane breaks, abortion, premature birth, and hypertension during pregnancy. At the same time, there is a risk of newborn infection.However, cervical lesions, especially high -level and above lesions, should be treated first, but the cervical therapy caused by it may reduce women’s pregnancy ability, and may induce bad pregnancy ending such as miscarriage and premature birth.

my country ’s pre -produced health guidelines require: Pre -pregnancy health care (before pregnancy) should include cervical coating cytology examination.Cervical cytology screening and HPV detection before pregnancy can timely prevent, early detection, and early treatment of cervical cancer to avoid being forced to terminate pregnancy during pregnancy.If a patient who does not perform cervical cancer screening within one year before pregnancy, the early screening is also very important, and the relevant examination can be performed within 3 months of pregnancy.

Women with pregnancy intentions should do early cervical high -risk HPV typing detection and liquid -based cytological examination. If the test results are positive, it is recommended to check the vulvation of the pagoscopic;After cure of cervical disease, consider childbearing.

HPV vaccine is used as a first -level prevention of cervical cancer and has been adopted by many countries. However, for female patients who have been infected with HPV, HPV vaccines have no treatment effect, and they have no protective effect on re -infection/damage after treatment.The HPV vaccine before pregnancy does not have a blockage effect on the vertical transmission of the virus’s maternal and infant. Therefore, it is not recommended to vaccine before pregnancy to prevent maternal and baby transmission.However, HPV vaccines can reduce the risk of semen infection HPV, which helps increase the success rate of auxiliary reproductive technology (ART).

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