Can I apply the mask when confinement?

During pregnancy and childbirth, pregnant women often have a lot of physical energy consumption, with great nutritional consumption, and insufficient supplements. In this way, the skin on the face will lose its luster and nutrition.So many pregnant mothers care for the skin by applying mask, so can confinement be applied to the mask?Let me introduce it today.

The confinement period can be applied to the mask.By applying the mask to replenish the water and the nutrition of the skin, it can promote the recovery of the face skin.The body’s immunity is low during lactation. It is recommended to choose a large brand or choose a special mask for pregnant women to avoid allergies and infections to skin stimulation.

Precautions for Maternal Mask

1. Choose products with good reputation of moisturizing water locks; choose a special mask for mothers to avoid choosing a facial mask with strong efficacy;

2. Try to choose the baby to sleep with the time when the new mother is used to wait for the baby to wake up, and the mask is almost absorbed. Don’t worry about letting the baby come into contact with.

3. The mask used was produced as a regular manufacturer as much as possible, and was reviewed and reviewed by relevant national departments.

4. The skin is very relaxed after delivery, so after 2 weeks of recovery of the body, you can use mild moisturizing emulsion and essence to provide nutrition for rough skin.Only the skin supplements enough water can it play a role in brightening the skin color at the same time, and can refine wrinkles, reduce the secretion of oil, and reduce the generation of acne.

5. During the confinement period, stay away from heavy metal substances, because these heavy metal substances will be severely crisis to the health of the fetus.

6. When the mask is cold, it should be applied with warm water and then apply it to reduce the probability of confinement disease.

From 12 pm to 3 am, it is when the skin is repaired by the skin to repair damaged cells. Therefore, the effect of applying it before or before bedtime can help sending nutrients with metabolism into the bottom of the skin.

Moms can eat fresh vegetables appropriately.Although nourishing is important, it is better to eat light, digestible, and nutritious foods in the first few days.You can drink more soup.Maternal maternal must sit in a good confinement, pay attention to the details of confinement, and don’t be cold.The tail of the confinement disease is very long. Just only one month. Closing the door to cultivate for one month. Be sure to condition the body, eat and sleep well, and only take care of the body in the future to take care of the baby.

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