Can I come to the aunt, can I "fight blood"?If you don’t know these things, let go of your anxiety

This is a bloody article!

For aunt, many female friends have to face this "relative" every month ~

Recently, some people say that egg pain is the same as my aunt hurts!

Stupid male!

Do you dare to say so with the dysmenorrhea?

In fact, girls came to auntie with a very beautiful and natural physiological phenomenon, and this also symbolizes reproductive health, but sometimes it is a big burden.

But some little couples feel that if they are intimate, "Auntie" is present, and it feels more "exciting"?Intersection

Xiao Bian also started to be shocked!

Although nearly half of the population has been used as a part of life during menstruation, the advertisements for women’s sanitary products are always girls wearing white elastic fiber pants.In addition, there is no practical medical information.

Therefore, there are so many rumors about the incorrect period of menstrual periods, it is not surprising.Some of these rumors are women who are in menstrual periods. Their bodies are unprepared, and some say that no matter what position is used, they will finally end with blood and chaos.So why can’t the menstrual period be happy?

For some straight men, first introduce the "big aunt" of women!

Can I still be happy during menstruation?

First of all, during sexual sex during menstruation, germs are easy to enter the uterus, and menstrual blood is very suitable for bacterial growth, and female physical resistance during menstrual periods is also very low.Once infected, it is easy to develop endometritis or endometriosis, etc., which seriously endangers women’s health and even leads to infertility.

Another is that if we can’t control during menstruation, before sex, the man should clean the genitals.And when sexual sex, the man should use a condom, the movement must be soft, and the time should be shortened.

There is also after menstrual periods, the woman should immediately wash the genitals with water. In addition, we must pay attention to that although sex during menstruation will not be pregnant, it is better to use condoms from the perspective of hygiene. For women’s bodiesIt is good.

Therefore, during menstruation, it can be performed, but for the health of both parties, we still do not advocate what you love to do at a special stage.Therefore, if there is a straight man who wants to fight blood, I hope that the "aunt" who can fully understand female friends from today, and even remembers how to protect your angels!

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