Can I conceive my child with disagreement?Gynecological Guide: Whether ovulation can ovulation is the key

Can I conceive my child with disagreement?Many ladies have irregular menstruation. Most of them are caused by changes in people’s lives and eating habits. Coupled with the pressure of learning and work, irregular menstruation and irregular menstruation also means that the lady’s body is abnormal.

Can I conceive my child with disagreement?

There are many causes of irregular menstruation. Irregular menstruation depends mainly on whether there is ovulation. If ovulation is ovulated, you may get pregnant.

If menstruation is caused by some gynecological diseases, endometriosis or ovarian cysts, ovarian cysts or uterine fibroids, we must conduct gynecological treatment based on the cause, including the growth of uterine fibroids orOther surgical treatment.If menstrual disorders caused by this ovulation disorder, promote ovulation after the adjustment cycle, and then make patients pregnant.

Experts from Xiaofang, a gynecological gynecological department of traditional Chinese medicine, reminded that some polycystic ovary patients will have amenorrhea, scarce ovulation or frequent menstruation. Such patients can reduce therogens through traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, restore the body, and come to menstruation to achieve cultivation.Including weight loss, changing lifestyle, and recovering ovulation through these methods.

There is also a class of patients as low -pronunciation amenorrhea. Her menstruation does not come for a long time. You can check whether the FSH and LH are lower than the normal women’s level.In the absence of fertility, you can do an artificial cycle. The first half is estrogen, and the second half is treated with progesterone.When she needs to be pregnant, she can actively regulate and treat. Generally, such patients can get a good pregnancy ending.

Can I conceive my child with disagreement?Experts from Xiaofang, a Chinese medicine gynecological department, instructed that if menstruation is irregular, you should usually pay attention to diet, eat more nutritious foods, eat more warm fruits as fruits, do not eat or eat less, women should pay attention to warmth during menstruation.Do not do the same room during menstruation to avoid infection with reproductive organs and cause irregular menstruation. During menstruation, you can drink more brown sugar water to regulate your body.Although it is not a big problem with irregular menstruation, it is still necessary to pay attention to it, so as not to seriously affect pregnancy.

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