Can I eat fruits in Xiaocao?

Sometimes, accidental pregnancy is caused by some reasons.But at this time, both the husband and wife are not ready to be parents, so they will choose the method of abortion.After abortion, we know that women’s bodies have been hurt greatly, so we need to rest for a while after surgery, and this time is what we call a small confinement.And this article specifically talks about the knowledge that needs to be understood during the small confinement.

The older generation thinks that fruits are a kind of cool food, which cannot be eaten for people with special constitutions such as pregnant women.Will eating fruits in confinement really endanger the health of the mother?Can people sitting in the small confinement eat fruit?

In fact, fruits have certain benefits for those who are sitting in a confinement. They can help supplement the nutritional value required after surgery and promote the recovery of the maternal body.of.Because fruits have different attributes, mothers can choose which fruits to eat according to their own physique. Although fruit is beneficial, it is best to eat one or two daily to replenish the required nutrition.

When eating fruits during the small confinement, be careful not to eat too much cold fruit, especially when the surgery is completed, the mother’s body is still very weak.Then, when eating fruits, be sure to wash it, so as not to have a gastrointestinal problem after consumption, which affects the health of the mother.

How long will the little confinement sit

After the surgery of accidental pregnancy, women need to rest for a while.This time period is called "small confinement" in the people.Many young people who do n’t understand the situation of small confinement, so how long does Xiaonao need to sit after abortion?

After abortion, the general confinement is recommended to rest for half a month to one month.Because each female friend is physically different, the length of the rest time is not the same, but at least they need to rest for more than two weeks.Because after abortion, women’s body needs one time to recover. If the rest of the confinement is not good, it will cause the sequelae or infected with other gynecological diseases in the future.It will also have an impact, so the small confinement becomes particularly important. Women need to adjust their mentality and body during this time.

And Xiaoyuzi is also an opportunity for female friends to improve their original constitution, so this is also an endocrine exclusion. When the uterus helps to eliminate the body’s waste, it will have the effect of reducing or treatment for women’s previous diseases.EssenceTherefore, you can use the opportunity to take a small confinement to condition your body. Therefore, it is generally recommended to rest for at least two weeks for time to take a small confinement. During the small confinement, you must pay attention to rest and should not be tired.

What should I do if my little confinement has a cold

Regardless of which kind of miscarriage you choose, we need to pay special attention to maintenance after abortion.However, it is inevitable that there is an accidental place that causes the mother who is in a confinement to accidentally catch a cold.What should we do if we have a cold in the small confinement?

When it is just a slight and ordinary cold, you can choose to rinse your mouth with salt water first, because saline has a bactericidal effect, and a few times with a mouthful of mouthwash, the condition should be relieved; for women with cough, you can choose to take it.Ginger water and other methods to relieve cough.When a cold is serious, you can choose to go to the hospital in time to seek medical treatment. Under the guidance of a doctor, take a cold medicine. As long as you are guided by a doctor, you will not endanger the body of female friends.For a cold caused by the flow of people, it is best to go to the hospital in time to infusion and anti -inflammatory, because most of the colds at this time are caused by inflammation, and the infusion can help rapid anti -inflammatory, so as not to worsen the condition.

For colds during the small confinement, do not worry too much. At this time, the cold is mainly caused by a cold caused by the weak body after surgery.Cured.

What should I do if the little confinement is in the wind

After finishing the abortion surgery, female friends need to rest for a period of time to restore their bodies. During this time, you must pay extra attention to avoid getting sick to avoid confinement disease.But it is inevitable that some female friends will suffer from the wind during the small confinement. What should I do after the little confinement is in the wind?

1. Pay attention to keep warm

After the wind, according to the different parts of the wind, it may lead to ankle pain or headache. Therefore, after the wind, you must pay attention to the full armed and wrap yourself, especially the head and feet.Keep warm.

2. Cedication and restraint

After the wind, you must avoid the wind again. When you are indoors, pay attention to closing the window.In addition, the body is particularly weak after the surgery. At this time, it is best to stay in bed and rest. You can also use sweat to force the cold in the body. Do not immediately unveil the quilt when sweating to avoid being cold again.

3. Drink hot water or hot ginger soup

When drinking hot water or hot ginger water, the body will naturally feel the heat, and after a while, I believe that there will be sweat excluded.In addition, ginger water in this province has a cold -driven effect. After drinking a few more times, it will naturally heal.

4. Hospital treatment

For patients with poor condition after the wind, they can use the above method to treat themselves, but for patients with serious diseases, they must seek medical treatment in time. After the wind, severe patients will have symptoms of headache or abdominal pain. At this timeTimely treatment is easy to leave sequelae.

How to sit back and recover quickly

It is important to take a small confinement and the maternal secretion after the abortion surgery, because the confinement of confinement after abortion is very important, because the body of a female friend after abortion is greatly harmed.It has a great impact.So how to sit back when you confine?

1. Strengthen nutrition supplement

After miscarriage, the body is damaged with a large part of it, so the body needs a lot of nutrients to supplement after abortion.During the dynasties, you can choose to eat some protein and vitamin -rich foods such as soy products or eggs, meat, and meat, which can help female friends after abortion increase their body immunity and help their bodies recovery as soon as possible.

2. Pay attention to rest

After abortion, women’s bodies are very weak, especially women who have just experienced surgery, and the uterus will also be traumatized.Therefore, you need to rest for a while to restore the uterus and body as soon as possible.For women who have miscarriage, it is generally recommended that after a period of rest for a period of time, and then try to get out of bed slowly. During the small confinement, at least half a month should be kept for more than half a month to ensure that women are recovered.

3. Avoid sexual life

During this time when the small confinement is resting, you must avoid sexual life.The first is to avoid re -pregnancy and damage the woman’s body again. Moreover, during this time, women’s uterus and body have not recovered.At this time, the same room is very harmful to women’s physical damage, so it is generally recommended to prepare for pregnancy after half a year.

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