Can I eat pineapple during pregnancy?Which fruits can’t be eaten?Doctor: You can’t touch these 5 kinds of kindness!

Can I eat pineapple during pregnancy?Which fruits can’t be eaten?Doctor: You can’t touch these 5 kinds of kindness!

Pregnancy is an essential thing for every pregnant mother.Bao Ma’s pregnancy process is also very hard.For pregnant mothers, for a long period of time, they need to be "taboo", that is, many things cannot be eaten!Many pregnant mothers like to eat pineapple during pregnancy, because pineapple is acidic, and is very appetizing for pregnant mothers.But can pineapples be eaten?Many pregnant mothers don’t know, today I will answer it for everyone.

First of all, pregnant mothers can eat pineapple during pregnancy.Pineapple contains trace elements such as magnesium. In the process of pregnancy, pregnant mothers need this element.However, after 5 months of pregnancy, pregnant mothers eat as little sweetness as possible, because the impact on the fetus will be greater.At the same time, when pregnant mothers eat pineapple, they should also pay attention to soaking with salt water, which can not only make pineapple more delicious, but also prevent the protease in pineapple stimulating the mouth, which causes sores.

In addition to pineapple, there are 5 kinds of fruits during pregnancy, and the doctor said that he can’t touch it!Let’s take a look together!

1. Durian

Durian is called the "king of fruits", which is not only very nutritious, but also fresh and juicy. Many children love to eat.However, the fruits like durian are very hot and irritating. They are high -calorie products. The pregnant mother is also easy to get angry after eating.And there is another disadvantage of durian, which will cause contractions. Frequent consumption of such fruits will seriously affect production.

2. Mango

Speaking of mango, many people also love to eat, and mango is also one of the tropical fruits.However, mango is easy to cause fire. If the pregnant mother eats too much, it will affect the absorption of the fetus in the abdomen, which can easily cause constipation and affect the detoxification of the pregnant mother.

3. Guiyuan, lychee

Fruits such as longan lychee are the fruits that we all know.After pregnancy, the whole person’s constitution is hot. At this time, you need to eat some cool fruits, which will be slightly better. Fruits like litchi are relatively high.Eat too much, and even cause miscarriage.

4, banana

Many pregnant mothers think that bananas can lax intestines and laxative, warm, and have no stimulating effect, which is suitable for pregnant women.In fact, this is a big mistake.Banana contains a large amount of sugar, which is greater than the disadvantages for pregnant mothers.Moreover, the function of bananas to promote intestinal peristalsis can also cause premature birth of the fetus. Therefore, in the third trimester, pregnant mothers must not touch bananas.

5. Watermelon

Some people may feel that they can’t eat fire, but can fruits like watermelon always eat?In fact, watermelon is also not conducive to pregnant mothers.Because the coldness of watermelon is too heavy, the pregnant mother is weak, and it is easy to get cold when eating too much watermelon.And watermelons must not be placed in the refrigerator. Otherwise, it is easy to cause a series of diseases such as diarrhea, and it will be bad to hurt the baby in the belly!

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