Can I eat the buds after germination?The truth is like this

If you buy too much potatoes at home, you will always face a problem. What should I do if the potatoes germinate?Although I heard that it is poisonous, can the part of the germination be eaten?

Part 1: It is indeed toxic after germination of potatoes

Gel potatoes contain high toxic alkali-draina, which can cause poisoning after eating.

In fact, normal potatoes also contain draina, but the content is very low and will not cause harm to the human body.

However, if the preservation is improper and the potatoes germinate, or the epidermis becomes cyan, the content of the dragon in the potato will increase a lot, and eating more may cause food poisoning.

Especially the germinated potatoes, in the bud eyes and young buds, the content of the dragon is the highest, which means that the most toxicity.

Akinea is also called potato toxins, sunflower glycoside, and alkaline, and its toxic ingredients are zealine.

Eating a small amount of dragon suncopes does not necessarily have obvious harm to the human body, but if you eat 200 mg of dragon sunflower (about 30 grams of green, germinated potatoes) at a time, you can develop on the disease after 15 minutes to 3 hours.

The earliest symptoms are the oral and throat itching, pain in the upper abdomen, and symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Those with deeper poisoning can be dehydrated, electrolyte disorders, and blood pressure decreased due to severe vomiting and diarrhea; severe diseases also have coma and convulsions, and eventually die due to heart failure and respiratory center paralysis.

Those with lighter symptoms will heal themselves through their own detoxification function after 1-2 hours; those with severe symptoms should go to the hospital as soon as possible to receive gastric lavage or diarrhea to discharge toxins.

Part 2: Cut off the germination part, can you eat it?

Look at two cases.

1. Little germination

For a few potatoes with germination, the germination part and the sprouts should be removed deeply, and the potato skin should be cut off to remove the green and green part (not only the skin), and soak it with cold water for more than half an hour to abandon the water.

When cooking, you should pay attention to cooking for a few more minutes.

In addition, it is easy to decompose when it is vinegar in the sunflower. Therefore, some vinegar can be added appropriately when cooking to destroy the toxins in it.

2. Gel more

Don’t eat the potatoes with more germination or most of the turquoise, just throw it away.

Important reminder:

Pregnant women often consume potato with high alkaloid content, accumulating in the body may cause fetal malformations.Therefore, pregnant women should not eat potatoes that are stored and germinated for a long time, especially women in the early pregnancy.

Rather than entangled whether you can eat it, you can avoid the germination of potatoes.

When buying potatoes, pay attention to the appearance and color of the potatoes. Do not buy germination and green potatoes. After buying it, you should eat it as soon as possible, do not store it for a long time.

Storage in a short time, the potatoes are also placed in places where low temperature, ventilation, and direct sunlight.

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