Can I have the same room after pregnancy?Is it going to affect the fetus?The answers are here

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Pregnancy is a very hard thing for women, and the body and psychology of pregnant women during pregnancy will change greatly.However, for prospective dad, one thing is that they want to do and dare not do it, that is the same room.Especially for those couples who have just got married, they have to meet the lives of the family of three before they live.We all know that the same room during pregnancy is most afraid of harm to the fetus, so do they have no husband and wife life after women are pregnant?In fact, this is not the case. Generally speaking, as long as you avoid the first 3 months and the next 3 months of pregnancy, we can take a look together.

Early pregnancy: At this time, the placenta development is not perfect, which is a high incidence of miscarriage.If the same room is in the same room, it is likely to cause a strong shrinkage of the uterus and eventually cause miscarriage.So it is best not to have the same room in the first three months of pregnancy.

In the middle of pregnancy: The placenta has formed during this period, and the pregnancy is relatively stable. Generally, at this time, the same room will not hurt the fetus.But despite this, there should still be restraint.

Late pregnancy: In the three months of pregnancy, the husband and wife are prohibited from the same room, because the fetus has matured at this time, the uterus has fallen, and the uterine mouth slowly opens.If the possibility of amniotic fluid infection in the same room is more likely and prone to premature birth.

But if you are in the following situations, it is best not to do the same room during pregnancy.

1. There is a history of abortion

Some pregnant women have had a history of abortion before. If this is the case, doctors do not recommend that you have a husband and wife life in the first few months of pregnancy.Because if the same room is in the same room, it will increase the abdominal pain and redness, and it will also increase the risk of miscarriage.It is best to persist in the dangerous period of abortion, and then consider the same room.Do not cause harm to pregnant women and fetuses because of a momentary joy. Pregnant women especially restrain in this regard.

2. Early pregnancy reaction is relatively serious

Most pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy will face early pregnancy reactions, and most pregnant women will be nauseous, vomiting, and loss of appetite.Some pregnant women’s pregnancy reactions are more serious.At this time, the prospective dad is best to take care of pregnant women, don’t just think about their needs.

3. There is a problem with the placenta

If the pregnant woman appears an ahead of the placenta during pregnancy, or the placenta is not closely connected to the uterus, it may cause abortion in the same room.Therefore, both couples should be restrained and do not hurt the fetus.

4. Pregnant women have pregnancy disease

After pregnancy, pregnant women are likely to have pregnancy hypertension or heart disease. If this is the case, do not have the same room.At this time, pregnant women should be recuperated. If the same room is likely to make pregnant women feel tired, it is not conducive to recuperation.

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