Can I not take it?What do you need to pay attention to?

Many female friends have chosen to bring a ring to contraception. The birthplace is a common and effective contraceptive measure, which helps the husband and wife’s life.However, some female friends have some wrong understanding of the breeding ring.Some female friends think that the birth ring can be taken out after being brought.This is actually very wrong. The breeding ring must not be taken for life, otherwise it will lead to serious consequences.So, what’s particular about the use of the birth ring? Next, let’s understand the relevant knowledge of the nursery ring.

Can I not take it?

1. If you bring the birth ring, you need to take out the ring at the appropriate time. You cannot take it for life. The use of the birth ring is time -limited, and there will be some damage to the endometrium.Therefore, after a certain period of time, we must go to a regular hospital to take out the birth ring.

2. You need to do a B -ultrasound or X -ray perspective check before taking out the birth ring. If it is a fertile ring with a tail wire, the doctor needs to expand the vaginal port to check the outside of the uterine mouth.See if there is a nylon silk phenomenon, to ensure that the birth ring is taken in the ring in the uterine cavity.

3. Under normal circumstances, the health ring of metal can be placed for 20 years. If it is a V -type nursery -saving ring of silicon rubber, it can be placed for seven to ten years, and the T -shaped nursery rings can be placed for ten to fifteen years.For time, if you want to use the birthplace to contraception, you can place a new birth ring after taking out the birth ring.

The breeding ring has not been taken, it will have these three effects on the body, don’t ignore it!

1. Menstrual disorders

Women who have long -term placement of breeding rings may have menstrual disorders, because after the contraceptive ring is placed, tissue chemical changes occur in the endometrium, which may cause local coagulation disorders. It may be too much menstrual flow, the menstrual period is prolonged, irregularly bleeding during menstrual periods, and individuals will have some individuals.Menstruation, endlessness, increased in vaginal discharge.

2. Back pain

Some women may feel back pain after placing a birthpool ring. This may be caused by the material or shape of the birthpool. It should be replaced or removed as soon as possible.

3. Stick with the uterine wall

If the hedging device is placed in the uterus for a long time, the age is old, and the hormone will be reduced, the uterine shrinks, and the size of the birth ring does not change, so it will grow with the uterus.It may feel abdominal pain at this time with adhesion to the wall of the uterine.

These three impacts will not be taken out in the uterus. When we are exercising violently, we are likely to slip off, or the position changes. We must do a B -ultrasound every year to avoid accidental pregnancy.Location.

In short, the birthplace of the birth ring has a certain damage to people’s body, and the period of use of different materials for different materials is also different. After the limit of the year, the birth ring must be taken out.And check the physical health of the patient.

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