Can I raise a cat for pregnancy?What should I pay attention to?

Doctor, I am pregnant, my mother -in -law is determined to throw away the cats in our house. What should I do?"

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In fact, many people still believe that they ca n’t raise cats during pregnancy, but the reason is always what cats have bacteria, fleas, and disturbing pregnant women cannot rest well at night.

It sounds very reasonable, but it is only applicable to the previous countryside.

For modern urban life, the master is all raised in a clean high -rise room, bathing and deworming and vaccine on time. The above reasons are nonsense.Even if there is, the impact on pregnant women and children is not great.

In fact, the biggest concern between pregnant women and cats is an obscure parasite.


Toxoplasma Gondii is a kind of parasitic insects with human animals and animals, and cats are the end hosts of this parasitic, which means that cats carrying bowworms can pass it to humans.

After a healthy person is infected with a bowworm, because the immune system can work normally, there is generally no significant manifestation. Only 10-20%of the infected persons will experience symptoms such as lymph node swelling and muscle pain. These symptoms last for several weeks for several weeks.It will disappear afterwards.

After pregnant women infected with toxoplasma during pregnancy, they may cause abortion of fetal fetus, or cause dysplasia of fetal nervous system, various brain diseases, and even fetal eye blindness.

Hearing this, many people are not calm.

WOC, so serious, Nima hasn’t given away the New Year quickly?

Don’t be nervous, the cat’s feces of cats in the cats infected with the cats infected with the cats, or the soil and water with insect eggs directly in the wild, or the raw meat infected with the eggs infected with eggs.

If your cat comes from a regular cat house, parents are healthy.And it is an authentic house. I have never been out of my house and I have never eaten raw meat, so what are you worried about?

If you want to infection from this cat to the probability of a bow -shaped worm, you have not accidentally accidentally eaten raw meat with the raw meat containing bow -shaped worms.

Then if our meow was a prodigal son before.

In other words, I still can’t rest assured, in case the meow of our family goes out, I don’t know what to do!

Gow -shaped worms are spread by feces, so it is necessary to be safe, as long as you do a good article on cat feces.

If you have a mine at home, you can buy a self -cleaning cat sand pot.

This cat litter self -induced trash can, which can automatically shovel the stool into the garbage bag after the master is convenient, allowing you to lose your job.

If you do n’t have a mine, then you have at least one husband, and it ’s time to ask him to do something.

But remember to wash your hands after shovel.It is best to bring disposable gloves with conditions.

During this period, the owner of the cat was best to implement the nature of the dead house, so stay at home and play.The meat you eat is best.

Pregnant women should not serve flowers and plants in person. The soil may also exist in a bowworm egg, which causes toxoplasma infection.

If you do the above points, there should be no problem.

In fact, the probability of pregnant women infected from cats from cats has always been very low.For whether you can raise cats during pregnancy, the veterinarian world has long been concluded -it is completely possible.There are even articles that pets can help pregnant women alleviate prenatal anxiety and postpartum depression.

I believe that the above content will be helpful to you, but it is far as simple as the scientific explanation of cats during pregnancy.


Those who prevent you from raising cats will always be your most important relatives.

I don’t want to criticize here. For parents, this is a way for their next generation.

For the other half, this is understandable. After all, for the selfish genes, it is more important to pass itself to the next generation than other things.Once a person’s mindset is difficult to change, sometimes it will not change even if it falls on the face with a ton data.

For some important decisions, people often have conservative attitudes, and they will kill a thousand wrongs, and do not let one go.

Many factors such as education environment, world outlook, and values have led to various gaps between people.

These gaps can not be resolved in a day, two words, and two words.

Therefore, should you make pets during pregnancy or decide according to your own situation!

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