Can I still do yin super?

In outpatient clinics, there are often some early pregnancy women who are hesitant to do yin or super -belly. Doing the abdomen is too early and can not see the gestational sac. It is very nervous.Back.

In the early stages of pregnancy, B -ultrasound is an important means of delivery. The main purpose is to determine the position of the pregnancy sac to eliminate ectopic pregnancy. At the same time, observe whether there are yolk sacs, fetal buds and fetal hearts in the gestational sac to analyze the growth and development of the embryo.

There are two ways to do B -ultrasound during early pregnancy. One is the abdomen B ultrasound and the other is vaginal B -ultrasound. Both of these tests are not radiated, both are safe and reliable.

Early pregnancy can be used to do vaginal B -ultrasound. If menstruation is usually regular, menstruation comes every 28-30 days, and it is clean for 3-7 days each time. Generally, you can see the gestational sac at Yin Super in about 35 days.You can also decide which ultrasonic examination can be determined through the value of HCG.Generally, when HCG reaches 1000-2000U/L, vaginal ultrasound can see whether you are pregnant in the palace.At this time, it is about 5 weeks of pregnancy. When HCG reaches about 6000U/L, the abdomen ultrasound can see whether it is pregnant in the palace.

Although the vaginal B -ultrasound can cause a slight discomfort, it will not affect the growth and development of the fetus, nor will it cause symptoms of signs such as abdominal pain and bleeding.And there are two benefits to doing vaginal B -ultrasound: first, no need to urinate; second, the accuracy of vaginal B -ultrasound, and the comprehensiveness of examination is higher than the abdomen B -ultrasound.

Yin Chao will see more clearly than the B -ultrasound in the abdomen.Especially for early pregnancy and ovulation, Yin Chao is more suitable.Compared with the abdominal ultrasound, the pussy ultrasound can be found in the palace earlier, and it can generally be about 5-7 days in advance. You can see the embryo bed, gestational sac, yolk, and fetal heart heart earlier.And judge the state of the gestational sac.Because the vagina is close to the ovaries and uterus, you can clearly see the situation of the uterus and ovaries and the development of endowment embryos.

Yin Chao will not have any impact on the mother and the fetus. As long as the vagina has no bleeding in the early pregnancy, it can be done. Even if there are more bleeding, there is no urination, the situation is urgent, and it can be done.In the tangled, just listen to the doctor’s arrangement. No doctor knows that it will have an impact on your baby and you will have a yin super.(Medical cards have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

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