Can I still get pregnant when I have attachmentitis?

The fallopian tubes and ovaries are attachments called female genitals. Once they are inflammated, they are called "attachment inflammation."Annexal inflammation is a common disease caused by diseased microorganisms after the infiltration of the reproductive organs.Two types of acute and chronic.However, the female compatriots should not be taken lightly because of this inflammation with the "attachment" mark.It should be noted that although the fallopian tube and ovarian have the "accessories" of female genitals, they are the role of picking beams in children.If these two "accessories" have severe inflammation, infertility will cause you to make you unable to be a mother.

Clinical observation of gynecology, if unmarried women do not pay attention to health care during menstruation, such as vulva unclean, menstrual supplies are unclean, the germs may pass through the vagina into the uterus, causing uterine inflammation; inflammation is then passed through the blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, or directly from the uterine cavity directly from the uterine cavity.It spreads to the fallopian tube, causing inflammation of the fallopian tube, and inflammation of the fallopian tubes often affects the neighboring ovaries, which causes attachment inflammation.In addition, abdomen inflammation such as appendicitis and peritonitis can also affect the ovaries and ovaries, causing these two "attachments" to inflammation.Patients with small abdominal pain, fever, and flowing yellow leucorrhea are typical symptoms of acute appendicitis.Acute attachmentitis is diagnosed and treated in time, and it will soon be cured. If the treatment is not thorough or delayed, it will turn into chronic attachmentitis.At this time, I often feel lower abdominal pain, waist hip soreness, and the pain during menstruation and post -labor increases.If the inflammation of the ovary affects ovulation, irregular menstruation will occur and increase leucorrhea.Whenever the cold or body resistance decreases, chronic attachmentitis will occur acute. Not only will the original symptoms increase, but also cause fever and increase in white blood cells.

When some young women are just suffering from attachment inflammation, acute inflammation is not obvious, and when the symptoms are obvious, they have become chronic; although some young women suffer from chronic attachment inflammation, they are not obvious due to the symptoms.Chronic inflammation of the fallopian tube can cause fibrosis, thickening and obstruction of the fallopian tube after a long time, and can also be adhered to the surrounding tissue.If the ends of the fallopian tube are blocked, the fallopian tube accumulation can be formed. Pentaged with water through the ovarian ovaries that are sticky together will form fallopian tube cysts.This is the main disaster that causes infertility or ectopic pregnancy after marriage.

Therefore, when acute attachmentitis or chronic attachmentitis, they should go to the hospital for gynecological treatment in time.After eliminating inflammation, the function of conception was restored.

Excerpted from "Children’s Health Rubbing Book-Fetal", People’s Army Medical Press, in 2008, editor-in-chief of Wang Xinliang (Medical cards have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

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