Can I still have a drug flow in three months of pregnancy?Don’t mess up, the best way to terminate pregnancy is not this

Many people do not look like children after accidents, and they choose abortion to terminate pregnancy at this time.At present, there are two ways to terminate pregnancy. One is an artificial abortion and the other is a drug abortion, but no matter which method is selected to terminate the harm of pregnancy to women.Therefore, safety measures must be taken in daily life.If you do n’t want children after pregnancy, it is better to terminate pregnancy earlier, and you can choose both abortion methods.So, can I still have a drug flow in three months of pregnancy?

Generally, you must be sure that you can only be in intrauterine pregnancy. If it is an ectopic pregnancy, choosing the drug flow may cause some problems such as major bleeding.The time of drug flow is also limited, it is best to be more appropriate within 50 days of pregnancy.Because the most sensitive time of the drug flow is the 35th to 40th day, it is generally possible to choose the drug flow within 12 weeks of pregnancy.If you are pregnant for three months, it is not suitable for medication, and you can only do artificial abortion to terminate pregnancy.

Drug abortion usually requires two drugs, one is a drug that suppress fetal development, and the other is a drug that shrinks the uterus.At the beginning, it was the drug that suppressed the fetus first. After taking the medicine, the drugs that shrink the uterus within two to three days after taking the medicine, so that the embryo can be discharged.Most people will have abdominal pain after taking the drugs that shrink the uterus. In fact, this situation is normal, because the contraction of the uterus will cause this status quo.

Generally speaking, it is best to take the drugs for shrinking uterus in the hospital. If there is any situation, it is easy to deal with.However, after taking this medicine, you need to observe for about six hours at the hospital. If the embryo is excreted, you can go back.If you continue to bleed more than one to two weeks after the drug abortion, then you need to go to the hospital for B -ultrasound to check whether it is clean.Generally, it is better to choose a drug abortion. It is better to go to the hospital. Do not buy medicine by yourself, because this may cause some serious consequences.

It can be seen that three months of pregnancy cannot be selected.Because at this time, the fetus is relatively large, and the abortion of the drug is not clean. If you want to have a miscarriage, you can only choose an artificial abortion.However, after abortion, you must pay more attention to your body care, especially the hygiene of private parts.Because if the care is not good, it may cause many sequelae.It is best to go to the hospital for a review within half a month after the flow of people. To see if there is a clean flow. If there is no cleanliness, the clear palace treatment may be required at this time.

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