Can I still have a room during menstruation? Can the same rooms avoid "recruitment" during the menstrual period?How to avoid risks?

Auntie can be said to be the most unbelievable "relatives", but at some point, she is welcomed by male compatriots.

When your girlfriend comes to auntie, you think men’s psychological activities are like this:

"The baby is going to be suffered again, so soak the brown sugar water for her"

"The woman who comes to the aunt is the most terrible.

But in fact, their minds may have only one:

Finally, you can "have no work"!

However, can the menstruation be in the same room during menstruation?Do you really do n’t “recruit” the same room during menstruation?In fact, Xiao Miao also received a lot of consultations about this aspect in the background. Today, I will give everyone in detail about this.

First of all, let’s confirm one thing first, is that menstrual period can be in the same room?

Menstruation can be in the same room, but it is not advocated!

Many netizens often think that the menstrual period will cause some harm to women’s bodies. Although the words are right, they are too absolute.

For example, inflammation.

In fact, the same room itself is the cause of inflammation, especially when frequent or not paying attention to cleaning and hygiene, it is more likely to cause YD inflammatory and pelvic inflammatory disease.In fact, the risks can actually be ignored by doing a good job of cleaning and protection.

Also, endometriosis.

So far, the pathogenesis of endometriosis is not very clear, and there are many different claims in the academic world.Many people think that the cause is menstrual blood flow, and it is particularly easy to happen when the same room is in the same room.But imagine that when you lie down or turn over, menstrual blood reverse flows, so it is too absolute to blame the reason to the same room.

However, although the menstrual period can be in the same room, many women have to endure the destruction of "big aunt" in this process, so for the beloved girl, forbearance.If both people feel that the problem is not big, it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning and in place to avoid risks.

After speaking, can we have the same room? Let’s talk about whether the same room will be "recruited" during the menstrual period.

Just as the safety period is not safe, the same room during menstruation cannot guarantee 100%safety.

If you want to get pregnant, you must ensure that the sperm cannot be met.

Some people may say that since it is a menstrual period, they will definitely not encounter.

I can only say that I think too well.

Each woman’s ovulation period may not be fixed, and sometimes it is advanced or pushed back because of various factors.For women with irregular menstruation, there may be early "ovulation" in advance.

There is a situation that although women are in menstruation, when husband and wife have gathered together for a long time, women’s mood is extremely excited and then promotes emergency ovulation. It is not surprising that "recruitment" is not surprising.

Therefore, the same room during the menstrual period does not guarantee that it is not "recruited". Don’t be greedy for a while to enjoy and hurt the girl.

If you want to "have no homework", please look forward to the next issue of Xiao Miao to talk about various contraceptive measures in detail.


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