Can oysters protect men’s prostate?Doctor: Be careful

Nowadays, more and more men with prostate disease have become more and more patients with prostate problems caused by poor living habits.In fact, when the current prostate disease problem occurs, if it can be found and treated in time, it can be cured. The only thing that is worried is that everyone taboo disease because of the "face" problem.

Mr. Wang is such a patient. Since graduating from college, he has started his business, so his life and schedule are very irregular. Although the business is still popular now, there is a problem that has always troubled his life, that is, the prostate is not good.As he was holding a meeting, he couldn’t help but interrupt to go to the toilet. He had to start three or four times at night, and even the intercourse problems with his wife were greatly affected.But because of face -to -face problems, Mr. Wang has never been to the hospital for treatment.

I heard that oysters are "men’s gas stations". Eating often is good for the prostate. Mr. Wang is like catching a life -saving straw. He likes to eat seafood in itself, so he eats oysters for a few months.I thought the situation would be improved, but the symptoms were worsened.

At this time, Mr. Wang panicked completely, and his face could not care about his face. He hurried to the hospital to see a doctor.The doctor said that his prostate problem is already very serious, and the zinc content of oysters is indeed high. Eating in moderation is beneficial to the prostate, but eating oysters like him all day will increase inflammation. After all, oysters are seafood food., It is not advisable to eat it every day.

Doctor reminds: 3 things should be done well in daily maintenance of prostate

1. Reasonable meal

For prostate patients, the prostate area is prone to congestion, so you must learn to adjust your diet. Foods such as alcohol, spicy stimulation and seafood must be learned, otherwise it will cause vascular dilation and congestion.Physical recovery.Therefore, you usually have a light diet, eat more vegetables, fruits, supplement vitamins and dietary fiber to protect prostate health.

2. Pay attention to personal hygiene

Men’s usual hygiene problem is also particularly important. If it is stingy, it will cause prostate inflammation to repeat, so it should be changed and washed diligently like wearing personal clothes to maintain good hygiene habits.

3. Develop good living habits

Men with prostate diseases usually pay attention to develop good living habits, drink plenty of water, urinate more, stay up late, and exercise frequently. In particular, everyone can do some anus or squats.It is very helpful to improve prostatitis.

All in all, prostatitis is not a small problem. Everyone should pay attention to it. If there are problems such as frequent urination, urgency, and dysuria, you should seek medical treatment in time. This is likely to be a problem with your prostate.Prostate disease is not a shameful disease. As long as you actively cooperate with doctors for treatment, there is a high chance to cure.

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