Can pregnant mothers draw wisdom teeth?

Not long ago, Ms. Lin, who was pregnant for more than two months, was swollen and painful on her left, and her pain was like a bun. She went to the hospital’s dental department for examination.Infection infection.

The probability of wisdom tooth inflammation during pregnancy is several times higher

Wisdom teeth refer to four teeth in the innermost up and down, left and right of the alveolar bone in the human mouth.Due to changes in hormones, and in order to ensure the nutritional supply of the fetus, some pregnant women have changed their oral cleaning and hygiene habits. The incidence of wisdom crowning periodontitis during pregnancy is several times higher than normal people.

Toothache by pregnant women, or not?This is the entanglement of many pregnant mothers.Because the stimulation during treatment is easy to induce abortion in the early stages of pregnancy, premature birth is prone to occurred in the late pregnancy, and many pregnant women and family members refuse to use antibacterial drugs because they are worried about the effect of drugs on the fetus.However, if it is not treated, toothache, infection, etc. directly affect the quality of life of pregnant women, such as eating disorders and sleep problems, severe dental disease may also affect pregnant women’s intake enough nutrition, thereby affecting fetal growth and development.

Pregnant women’s medication treatment should be fully weighed

For pregnant women, once the wisdom toothing inflammation occurs, it is necessary to consider the seriousness between the disease and the medication, and sometimes it has to be treated with medication.

(1) Generally, tooth extraction or surgery is performed during the 4th, 5th, and 6th months of pregnancy, but it should be noted that pregnant women with abortion and premature history should be handled carefully.

(2) In the use of antibacterial drugs, it is not too important to emphasize the safety of the fetus and ignore the should be treated by the mother. In different pregnancy periods, the impact of antibacterial drugs on the fetus is different.The embryonic deformity can cause embryo for about 2-12 weeks of pregnancy, but the effect of drugs on the fetus will be weakened after 12 weeks of pregnancy to childbirth.

Therefore, once oral diseases occur during pregnancy, go to a regular hospital for treatment early to avoid affecting their own health and fetal growth and development.Before pregnancy, you must do oral health care. When the wisdom teeth are obstructive, the following situations occur, such as the merging with severe crown inflammation, lower jaw pain, trigeminal neuralgia, and "obstructive teeth" have invaded the neighboring teeth and caused the neighboring teeth to clean.Caishering, cystic lesions around wisdom tooth, pre -cancer disease damage such as cancer, etc., should be removed in time to remove the worries.

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