Can pregnant women also drink tea?But they can only drink like this …

Can pregnant women drink Pu’er tea, can pregnant women drink Pu’er tea?During pregnancy, it is best not to drink any tea including Pu’er tea.

However, if pregnant women have tea addiction and drink, you can drink some light Pu’er tea cooked tea in moderation. After the fermented cooked tea, it is mild, nourishing the stomach and warm body. After processing, it has almost no caffeine.At the same time, pay attention to the texture of the tea. Do not drink inferior tea, counterfeit tea, and do not drink strong tea or drink a lot.

By the way, various carbonated beverages and soda should be drunk less, it is best not to drink.Drink more green and harmless, without additives.Pu’er tea is deeply related to the metabolism of fat.According to research data, because it goes through a unique fermentation process, it can improve the function of enzymes to break down waist and abdomen fat.Pu’er tea contains lipases of trace fat decomposition, which is effective for fat decomposition.

However, if pregnant women drink Pu’er tea raw tea, it is necessary to make lightly, because if the tea is too strong and the concentration of the caffeine is higher than 10%, it will increase the number of urine and heartbeat of pregnant women.The amount of kidney load.This is why pregnant women should not drink other types of tea and coffee during pregnancy.Generally, we don’t recommend pregnant women to drink Pu’er raw tea.

How to brew the tea common sense Pu’er tea

● Should choose a large pot with abdomen, because the concentration of Pu’er tea is high, and the large abdomen pot can avoid too strong tea soup.After opening the tea bricks and tea cakes, it is better to expose the air for two weeks.

● When brewing Pu’er tea, pour the hot water that pass the first pass.Because Pu’er tea has been stored for a long time, there may be dust.The first brewing speed is fast, as long as it can be washed, it does not need to soak its taste.After the second time after the second time, you can decide according to your personal preference.

● It is not advisable to brew Pu’er tea with a thermal insulation cup, which will simmer the cooked tea, which will affect the unique flavor of Pu’er tea.

● Pay attention to ventilation and avoid light for storing Pu’er tea.Can’t be placed in the refrigerator, and you cannot seal it with a plastic bag. It is best to wrap it in rice paper and put it in a ventilated place.

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