Can pregnant women can’t take a plane?you are wrong…

Do pregnant women take a plane?

Pregnant women can take a plane. If you need to travel during pregnancy, it is the most convenient to choose an airplane. However, because it is a less stable period in the early stages of pregnancy and the third trimester, many doctors suggest that it is best not to fly in these two stages.

The early pregnancy refers to the first three months of pregnancy. It is the period when the early pregnancy response is the most serious. At this time, nausea and vomiting are prone to occur. In addition, this period is also a critical period for the formation of fetal organs.Overweight or weightlessness can make the fetus feel discomfort and affect the fetus.

In the third trimester, some complications, such as uterine contraction, premature birth, early placental stripping, etc., this stage may occur at this stage. If pregnant women do not move on the plane for a long time, and the increasing uterine compression of blood vessels affects blood flow, it will cause the blood flow, which will cause causeDanger of thrombosis.Therefore, these two pregnancy stages are not recommended to take the plane. Do you know it?

Precautions for pregnant women by plane

When pregnant mothers take a plane, some problems should be paid special attention. If you are preparing to get on the plane, let’s take a look at these points below!

1. Try to sit next to the road to get up to getting up and getting more convenient;

2. Take a long -distance passenger plane, you should walk around every hour to allow the blood circulation of the lower limbs;

3. Prepare some snacks against hunger;

4. The clothes should be put on properly, pay attention to keep warm, and put a small pillow behind the back to buffer the bumps;

5. The seat belt on the plane should be tied to the root of the thighs below the abdomen. Do not tied to the abdomen;

6. There are emergencies in the body, such as abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, contractions, vaginal discharge of water -like liquids (amnnia rupture), vaginal discharge tissue or blood clots, etc.

7. Wear a pair of light and comfortable shoes, so as not to put on the swelling of the feet after slippers.

What to proof of pregnant women need to take a plane

Pregnant women generally do not need any proof, but it does not rule out that some airlines need proof of doctors.General airlines stipulate that pregnant women who are less than 8 months (32 weeks) have a chance. Except for doctors, they are not adapted to the opportunity, and they are transported by general passengers for more than 8 months (32 weeks) but less than 35 weeks.Apply for medical permits.The medical license of this opportunity shall be issued within 7 days before the opportunity.

Pregnant women who are pregnant for more than 8 months do not take the opportunity. If there are special circumstances, they should be submitted within 72 hours before the opportunity.Age, date of pregnancy, due date, travel voyage and date, is suitable for ride and special care on board. At the same time, fill in the "Special Traveling Application Form".

And the airlines mostly use the following pregnant women to use unwavering solutions, including: A. Those who are 35 weeks of pregnancy (inclusive) or more; b. The due date is within 4 weeks (inclusive); c.Date is known to be multi -child childbirth or expected complications of childbirth;

In fact, these regulations of airlines are considered from the perspective of safety, because once a pregnant woman has any accidents when they are flying, this responsibility cannot afford this responsibility, so many airlines are more cautious.

Does pregnant women have an impact on the fetus?

Pregnant women generally have no impact on the fetus on the fetus. The greater impact is that it may occur in the early pregnancy and complications of complications in the third trimester.Influence.

Many people are worried that the pressure of the plane when the aircraft takes off and falls, the changes in the concentration of oxygen and the humidity of the air will affect pregnant women and fetuses. In fact, pregnant women with good physical conditions can be relieved by themselves.Insufficient oxygen supply is not difficult to solve.

So does the radiation of the sun hurt the pregnant woman and the fetus?According to information about the 2009 American Obstetrics and Gynecologists, the largest solar radiation exposure of pregnant women within 40 weeks of pregnancy should be limited to within 1 milli West, and even in international flights on the long line, passengers are one -time.The exposure of solar radiation does not reach 15%of the maximum limit.Therefore, the radiation that pregnant mothers have suffered appropriately can be ignored, and there will be no impact on the fetus. Only when pregnant women are exposed to noise, vibration, and solar radiation during the long -term flight, there will be a possibility of abortion.I believe pregnant mothers will not do this.

When is pregnant women the safest

According to doctors’ suggestions, it is safer to take a plane in pregnant women at the second trimester (13 ~ 32 weeks), because the physical condition of pregnant women at this stage is relatively stable, and the risk of abortion and premature births is lower than other weeks.The risk of pregnant women between pregnant women between 13 and 32 is relatively minimal.For pregnant women above 36 gestational weeks, for the sake of safety, it is not recommended to take a plane.

The answer given by the Royal Obstetrics and Gynecology experts for the safest question of when pregnant women take a plane.There are side effects such as foot swelling and ears and nose discomfort.

The newly announced advice of the newly announced by the Royal Obstetrics and Gynecology Sciences suggests that it is the safest to take the opportunity to take the opportunity 37 weeks before pregnancy. The main consideration is that the average pregnant woman may be produced at any time after 37 weeks, but if it is pregnant, it is recommended not to take the opportunity after 32 weeks.

Is there any radiation of pregnant women by air inspection?

Pregnant women have radiation by air inspection, but the radiation value of the security check instrument is very low, and the impact on the body is close to zero. You don’t need to worry about it.The security door and handheld instrument detect metal through induction current, which is basically harmless to pregnant women, while the luggage detector is a special X -ray machine with a small amount of radiation.However, this radiation is also controlled within the dose range that meets the safety standards. Just pay attention not to be too close.

In addition, the most important thing about the influence of security machine radiation is that there is no ray leak around the security checkup. If there is a leak, it also has a certain impact on the staff who have been in contact for a long time. It has no effect on passengers such as pregnant mothers.

According to my country’s "Basic Standards for Safety of ionizing Radiation Protection and Radiation Source", the public cannot exceed a certain amount in one year by the public’s manual radiation dosage. According to this amount, a person must stand at the entrance of the security machine for about 10 cm. Read this amount.Therefore, the security test that pregnant women accepted before flying can ignore the negligence and will not have any impact on pregnant women and fetuses.

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