Can pregnant women moxibustion during pregnancy?Pregnant mothers don’t argue endlessly.

We all know that moxibustion has the function of promoting blood circulation and cold, so many female friends believe that you cannot moxibustion during pregnancy, otherwise it will hurt the fetus, but some people say that moxibustion has the effect of conditioning infertility.There is no problem with appropriate moxibustion.So, can moxibustion during pregnancy?Still doubtful pregnant mothers quickly learn through the article!

Can pregnant women moxibustion

Many pregnant mothers think that moxibustion can promote blood circulation and stasis. If moxibustion during pregnancy can easily lead to abortion of fetal abortion. In fact, there are many reasons for fetal abortion.You can regulate these situations. According to the doctor’s guidance, avoiding the position of the lower abdomen, pregnant mothers can also make moxibustion, but after all, pregnant women are more special. These precautions should be kept attentive at all times when making moxibustion!

The temperature should not be too high

With the growth of the fetus, many pregnant mothers will have insomnia, dreams, and pain in the lower legs. At this time, proper moxibustion can relieve the pain during pregnancy and improve the quality of life of pregnant mothers.However, the temperature should not be too high when doing moxibustion, because the body sensation temperature is already higher than normal people after pregnancy, and it is easy to sweat. If the temperature is too high during moxibustion, it will not only affect the mother’s emotions, but also the body will also have discomfort.feel.

Time should not be too long

Some people think that moxibustion should be prohibited during pregnancy. In fact, such ideas are a bit extreme. For pregnant mothers with palace Han, moxibustion can have the effect of driving cold and tires. Under the guidance of a doctor, moxibustion can be performed.of.However, pregnant mothers should pay attention to the moxibustion time during pregnancy should not be too long, and the fetal development of the fetus in the early stages of pregnancy. At this time, it is best not to perform moxibustion. At other times, it should be carried out according to the guidance of a professional doctor.

Pay attention to acupuncture points for moxibustion

Moxibustion can nourish qi, can nourish pregnant mothers and fetuses, but pregnant mothers should pay attention to acupuncture points when moxibustion, and need to avoid the stomach and waist, and the appetite is not good at moxibustion.Moxibustion Yongquan and so on.

In short, for some pregnant women with poor physical conditions, moxibustion can improve the quality of life, but when doing moxibustion, pregnant mothers must be carried out according to the doctor’s advice, which is good for themselves and the fetus!

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