Can pregnant women post Chinese medicine plaster?

I received a consultation two days ago. A expectant mother who was preparing for pregnancy was 2 days of back pain (a history of lumbar sprains) and wanted to relieve the symptoms by sticking some traditional Chinese medicine plaster.Pain and joint pain cream, do you want to consult which one can be pasted?

First of all, we asked her if there were other symptoms (such as vaginal bleeding)?Are you sure you are pregnant?She said that she had no other symptoms and did not fever, but her back pain, which may be related to the previous waist sprain.At the same time, it may be pregnant, but it is not determined because it is just 4 weeks before the last menstruation.Okay, let’s take a look at these medicine now.

In fact, simply judgment knows that most of the Chinese medicine plaster is mostly treated with waist, knee arthritis, and bruises. It must have the effects and components of blood circulation and stasis, swelling and pain, and the corresponding ingredients. These ingredients are banned or for pregnant women.Use cautiously, so it is not suitable.So, how are it unsuitable?Let’s take a look below.

First, Qianshan Huaxue Cream is composed of poisonous floral medicines such as rhubarb, Turkey Tromat, Yanhu, Sanqi, Frankme, Asari, etc. The instructions clearly indicate that "pregnant women avoid", not only because there are many Chinese medicine in the composition,There are risk of abortion; and also contain a large amount of toxic Chinese medicine components, there are teratogenic risks.At the same time, there is also a detail that may be ignored. Qianshan Huaxue Cream belongs to traditional black plaster. It has Hong Dan (lead Dan) in its square, that is, lead -containing, pregnant women must not be used.Therefore, Qianshan Huaxue Cream is a leading black plaster, and you should pay attention to even when adults use it.(Want to learn more, expand reading: the three major precautions for using traditional Chinese medicine plaster)

Second, Tongluo Pain Cream is composed of Chinese medicines such as angelica, Chuanxiong, peppercorns, cloves, rhubarb, and camphor.Although it is used with caution, it does have the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and contains volatile substances that are prone to skin absorption such as camphor, borneols, and have certain toxicity for expectant mothers and children, so it is not recommended to use it.(Want to learn more, expand reading: Chinese medicine contains camphor, can the baby use it?)

Third, joint pain cream, consisting of pepper flowing, bold eggplant, salicylate methalne, benzene hydrochloride, etc. In fact, this is a compound Chinese and Western medicine compound preparation, except for some traditional Chinese medicine flowing immersionIn addition to the cream (special preparation process), a anti -allergic drug is also added with benzene Lamming.The benzenela is a disabled for pregnant women and lactating women. Therefore, joint painkillers are also prohibited for pregnant women and lactating women.

The basic situation of these three proprietary medicines is finished. Maybe you will say that these external preparations are so strict?Well, although external preparations do not directly enter the body like oral preparations, but many drug components will enter the body by absorbing through the skin.In addition, the purpose of the improvement of the preparation process of modern external paste is to increase transparent absorption and increase biological utilization.Therefore, it is not that topical preparations must be safe.In addition, there is a reason that cannot be ignored. The pain of this pregnant mother is on the waist. If you want to stick a plaster, you will definitely stick to the waist.The "waist is the house of kidney", which is at the same level as the cell palace (uterine), and the kidney acupoint is on the waist (many tire medicines that treat threatened abortion will be affixed to the kidney acupoints), so stick a traditional Chinese plaster on the waist.It will definitely affect the development of the cell palace.

In fact, low back pain in pregnant women is a relatively common phenomenon. In the early stages of pregnancy, back pain, but different causes. Pay attention to various postures and movements such as sitting, sleeping positions, regulating diet control weight, moderate hot compress massage, etc. It should be the preferred solution.Of course, if you are particularly unbearable, please seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

In summary, it is best not to use any of the above three plasters. Some of the above three plasters are because the Chinese medicine may cause abortion because of the blood circulation and stasis, and some of the poisonous ingredients may cause teratogenicity. Some are added because the plaster is added.The chemical components disabled by pregnant women, due to the "waist-kidney-cell palace" and kidney acupoints, theoretically, posted any Chinese medicine on the waist will affect the development of the cell palace.I hope that everyone will be inspired by this case and protect the mothers in the case of the case.

[Xiaojin Pharmacist Say Medicine]

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