Can pregnant women take cold medicine?

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For the sake of safety, pregnant women cannot take most cold medicines.

Acetamin is considered as short -term painkillers and antipyretic drugs preferred during pregnancy [1].A Norwegian study showed that after correcting the use of family risks to acetaminophen, ADHD, and applications for acetaminophenophenophenophenol, research found that the use of this drug for more than 29 days will increase children’s defects/ multi -motion disorder.(ADHD) risk, and the use of this drug is negatively related to ADHD [2].The acetaminol is used for 3 days to solve the heat time, which is relatively safe during pregnancy.Non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs (NSAID, ibuprofen, 萘puson, bisloprine, aspirin, etc.) in the relative safety and risk nature of pregnancy and lactation, usually depending on the timing, dosage and drugs used during pregnancySpecific types.Using NSAID or large doses of aspirin in advanced pregnancy will inhibit prostaglandin synthesis, which may cause arterial catheter to close prematurely; compared with aspirin, the impact of Sumisin and ibuprofen on the catheter seems to be much stronger [3].Therefore, ibbbuben should not be used for antipyretic fever during pregnancy.

A large number of studies have evaluated the safety of antihistamine drugs during pregnancy.Because the sedative effect of the second -generation antihistamine is smaller, there are fewer side effects of choline energy.It is also recommended to use the second -generation antihistamines during pregnancy.The second -generation antihistamine drug: deing (10 mg, once a day) and Setolizine (10 mg, once a day), can be considered as the first choice of the second -generation anti -histamine during pregnancyMedicine [5].

For patients with colds during pregnancy, the focus is on prevention. Therefore, on the basis of physical cooling, sufficient hydration, and treating the treatment, acetaminol can be treated for short -term heating treatment;Aspirin, bisloprotenlate, benzene, and ibuprofen.The antiviral drug Libavilin was disabled during pregnancy.Disable more pinol gly glycerin ether and right ica in 3 months of pregnancy [5].

Many anti -cold drugs are composite preparations, which contain a variety of ingredients. Common fast -acting wound capsules, colds, Kangtaik, Baijiahe, Kangbi, Kangkang, Kuake, etc. Most of these medicines contain the H1 receptor groupAntimamine, pseudoharaine, etc., should not be taken during pregnancy, especially before 4 weeks of pregnancy, the cold medicine is mainly symptomatic drugs, the cure is not cured, and there is an unsafe component of pregnant women. Therefore, it is recommended that it is best not to resist cold during pregnancy.For antiviral drugs, they have adverse effects on the fetus. Pregnant women should not be used. If they must be used, they should be applied under the guidance of a doctor.

Women during pregnancy should pay attention to rest, strengthen exercise, and keep their bodies strong. During the popularity of the disease, they go out and wear masks, pay attention to personal hygiene, do not reach patients with dense population, and do not contact patients with colds.Relieving humidity, maintaining a good state of mind, and enhancing resistance to diseases.Once you have a cold, don’t panic and take the drugs, let alone the symptoms of a cold, and you should go to the hospital for consultation in time.


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