Can pregnant women’s belly shape judge the gender of the fetus?

With the continuous increase of the pregnancy cycle, the shape of the pregnant woman’s belly will gradually become highlighted. Everyone’s belly shape is different. Some pregnant mothers have a sharp belly and some pregnant mothers are round.

Many people in life think that the gender of the fetus can be judged through the shape of the pregnant woman’s belly. For example, there is such a sentence circulating in the room.However, there is no scientific basis for this statement.

In fact, the shape of the pregnant mother’s belly is pointed or round, which is mainly related to the six major factors of the fetus, fetal position, pregnant mothers’ body shape, pelvic shape, spine shape, and abdominal muscles thickness, not because of the relationship between the sex of the fetus and women.

1. The head of the fetus

The shape of the pregnant mother’s belly is largely determined by the fetus.Although the average weight of male babies at birth is heavier than female babies, this gap is not much different in the stomach of pregnant mothers.

2. Fetal position

If the position of the fetus in the uterus is facing the mother, the pregnant mother’s belly will be more prominent.On the contrary, if the fetus in the uterus is facing the mother, the pregnant mother’s belly will look flat.

3. Pregnant mother’s body is fat and thin

The fat and thin body of the pregnant mother is one of the factors that determine the growth space of the baby.If the pregnant mother is thinner and the horizontal development space of the belly is relatively small, the fetus can only go forward. At this time, the belly looks pointed.On the contrary, if the pregnant mother is fat, the horizontal space of the belly will be relatively large, and the shape will look round.

4. The spine shape of pregnant mothers

If the front of the pregnant woman’s lumbar spine is obvious, the sacral vertebra will rear, and the uterus will highlight the tip of the belly forward.On the contrary, the lumbar spine is not obviously bumpy, and the uterus will not be pushed forward, and the belly is round.

5. Pregnant mother’s pelvic shape

As the fetus grows slowly, if the pelvis of the pregnant mother is relatively lighter or narrow, the fetus will not be allowed, and the fetus will grow out of the pelvis forward, and it will look pointed.If the pregnant mother’s pelvis is wide or deeper, the shape of the belly will look flat.

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