Can women prepare for pregnant women do a imaging test?Different check methods are different

Speaking of image examination, many people think of CT, X -ray and magnetic resonance, and B -ultrasound. Among them, CT and X -ray are radiating. If a large number of receiving in a short time will cause damage to cell tissue, which will cause lesions, especially in particular, especiallyPreparation of pregnant women will cause eggs problems and affect later conception.It is precisely because many women think that they cannot do video examinations during the pregnancy stage, but it is not actually that the effects of different inspections have different results.

1. X -ray and CT

Because X -ray and CT are radiation tests, the instruments and doses currently used are within the scope of safety. Single inspection will not cause damage to the body, but considering the random effect brought by radiationOnce a woman who is preparing for pregnancy, once the inspection is subject to the examination, it needs to be prepared again in three months after the examination.If it is a lactating woman, the radiation brought by the X -ray and CT scan does not affect the tissue, and it can be checked normally at this stage.

2. MRR

Relatively speaking, MRI uses magnetic field imaging, so it has no radioactivity and does not cause damage to the body. Therefore, the nuclear magnetic resonance examination during pregnancy and lactating women will not affect the body and can do it normally during pregnancy.

3. B -ultrasound

The B -ultrasound is mainly scanned by ultrasonic organs. It has no radiation and no harm. Even pregnancy can be carried out normally. Even some women need to do a B -ultrasound to solve the uterine accessories before preparing for pregnancy.Therefore, the B -ultrasound can be performed during pregnancy.

1. X -ray and CT

There are also two inspections that need to remove the metal items worn by the body during the process of conducting to prevent the results of the error caused by the impact of metal items interference, let the doctor judge the error, and wear a protective clothing during the inspection process to prevent other organs from being affectedEssence

2. MRI

Metal objects also need to be removed during the process of MRI’s inspection. When there is metal substances in the body, you need to communicate with a doctor to determine whether you can check to avoid being shifted during inspection, causing fatal danger.

3. B -ultrasound

Before the B -ultrasound, urine can be used. Urinary urination can make the filling bladder open the intestine, so that the doctor can clearly observe the uterus and appendix in detail, and you can also understand it in detail.

Warm reminder, if you need to do inspection during pregnancy, you should pay attention to, especially the X -ray and CT do not need to be checked too much without special circumstances.In the later period, he can make yourself pregnant normally and keep the embryo from being influenced by radiation.

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