Can women swim during pregnancy?Pay attention to what?

Many expectant mothers may listen to the older generation saying that they cannot launch during pregnancy, otherwise they will affect the development of the fetus and even cause some congenital problems.However, during pregnancy, the growing abdomen does not play a good role in fixed spine and waist.Therefore, pregnant women often have low back pain and sciatica.To prevent these problems and improve the physical fitness of pregnant women, proper physical exercise must be performed.With the deepening of modern research, some foreign experts point out that swimming can be used as one of the movements.

If you are pregnant and want to go swimming.You have to understand some common sense first:

Swimming during the first pregnancy is more suitable for pregnant women with swimming habits before pregnancy.People with pregnancy complications, such as vaginitis, aura abortions, placental bruises, are not recommended to swim.

The best time to swim in the second swimming is in the middle of pregnancy. Before pregnant women go to the water, they should be fully prepared.Adjust the amount of exercise according to your physical condition.

Third, pay attention to the safety of the environment, anti -slip, and anti -falling, and professional rescue workers must be present.To choose a clean and safe swimming pool environment, the water temperature should not be too low or too high.

Swimming has certain advantages, which can increase the cardiopulmonary function of pregnant women, exercise the whole body muscles, and promote blood circulation.Therefore, there are no special circumstances during pregnancy and can swim.

Swimming is not recommended within one month of pregnancy.Generally speaking, within 3 months of pregnancy, within 12 weeks of pregnancy, embryo growth and development are in a sensitive period, and the organs of embryos are differentiated.Foreign toxic and harmful factors have a greater impact on the embryo, the possibility of teratogenic is relatively high, and the risk of abortion during early pregnancy is relatively high, and dense activities may increase the risk of miscarriage.Therefore, it is better not to swim in early pregnancy.After 12 weeks of pregnancy, you can swim after 3 months.This is a good pregnancy exercise, but you must pay attention to hygiene.Because there may be bacterial infections in the swimming pool, you must do cleaning after swimming.

Swimming is a new concept of pregnancy proposed by some foreign experts.It is beneficial to swimming in pregnant women at 5-7 months.Swimming can improve cardiopulmonary function, increase the flexibility of the body, and enhance physical strength.This is a kind of movement suitable for pregnant women.Swimming can greatly promote the blood circulation of pregnant women, because the mother’s blood is not only responsible for transporting the nutrients required for the development of the fetus, but also responsible for excretion of the fetus waste.Due to the changes in the posture of pregnant women in the water, it is conducive to correcting the posture of the fetus and promoting smooth delivery. At the same time, swimming can increase lung capacity, make pregnant women take a long time, and shorten the output.

And after childbirth, it also helps pregnant women to recover.Female coaches professional swimming, women who often swim in tropical areas, and women who have long been engaged in water operations, such as women, female divers to collect shells in Japan, are often trained after pregnancy. Most of them are naturally naturally naturally.childbirth.

Although pregnant women can swim, they also need to make decisions based on their physical conditions, and first consult the doctor.At the same time, the swimming time of pregnant women should not exceed 1 hour, generally 300-400 meters, and prepare before swimming.Don’t dive.Don’t go back.After swimming, we should do some activities and measure weight, body temperature, blood pressure, etc.Under normal circumstances, rescue equipment and rescue personnel should be supervised.All sports activities for pregnant women must be safe first.

1-Prepare a pair of non-slip slippers.As long as you leave the water, you must wear non -slip slippers to avoid slipping.

2-It is best to choose the outdoor pool.Some indoor swimming pools have been disinfected and filtered by chlorine, which will make the respiratory system uncomfortable with pregnant women, so it is best to choose the outdoor pool to reduce stimuli.Or choose a swimming pool using ozone disinfection and filtration.

3- Don’t forget to prepare water.Before swimming and during swimming, you should carry water with you to supplement at any time to avoid dehydration.

4-Don’t stretch too much, don’t dive.Due to the large buoyancy in the water, the range of stretching of limbs and joints often does not feel too large.Especially pregnant women should pay attention not to excessive stretching on the body and fetus.Not to mention diving, hypoxia is particularly harmful to the fetus.

5-The water temperature of the selected swimming pool should be around 30 ° C.At this kind of water, muscles are not easy to cramp and fatigue.In particular, pregnant women cannot choose water swimming with water temperature higher than body temperature, which will increase the temperature of pregnant women and affect the health of the fetus.

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