Can you have children without getting married?When these problems are involved, you must figure out!

Original 2023-02-01 11: 26 · Dr. Chen Kai

The "Administrative Measures for Sichuan Province’s Maternity Registration Service" was searched a few days ago. A highly anticipated focus is: the restrictions on whether the registration object is married.

The majority of netizens have discussing: Is this explanation, can you have children if you don’t get married?

You can have children without getting married. You must understand these issues:

First, you can have children without getting married. Do you encourage unmarried children?

The restrictions on whether to get married are actually to unbind fertility and protect children.

Everyone also knows that since this year, the population has entered a stage of negative growth, which is a huge challenge for my country’s social development.Simplify procedures and cancel restrictions. These measures are nothing more than reducing the threshold for fertility to encourage fertility and unbinding for fertility.

On the other hand, it is to better protect the interests of children, because whether children are married or not, they are innocent.In reality, there are indeed many girls who choose to abandon because they are at a loss in front of the legal fertility procedures.After giving birth to a child after accidental pregnancy, many women have made their children a black household because they did not go through legal procedures.The cancellation limit is to reduce the occurrence of these tragedies.

It is definitely not encouraging unmarried children.

2. You can have children without getting married. Who will benefit?

1. Independent women, rich women and divorced women

Many independent women, due to economic independence, do not depend on men, do not want to be on their own, or do not encounter the object of favorite after divorce, or some women with a lot of wealth may not enter the marriage in a short time, but the birth period is relatively comparable.Short, worrying that you can’t have children in the future, you are likely to choose not to get married and have children.

2. Sexual minority groups, GLBT

my country does not recognize same -sex marriage, so some sexual minority groups cannot legally form a family, and may also have an unmarried child through test tube fertilization.

3. Unexpected pregnancy single person

Due to the inadequate protection measures, single people choose to retain their children after pregnancy.

Third, if you do n’t get married, you can have children. What are the problems?

1. Ethics issues

Single mothers raised their children and had to face their children’s questions: others have dads, who is my father?Even if he recognizes his father, he may face the embarrassment of his children’s children, and even facing the confusion of related relatives in the family.As a result, family ethics issues must be paid attention to.In ancient Chinese law, there were also discrimination of non -marriage children.The "Daqing current Criminal Law" issued by the late Qing Dynasty stipulates that "adultery and child" and "sons" must not inherit Zongzong.

And if the child cannot confirm his father’s identity, or if his father’s identity is unclear, in the future, the child may also have the risk of getting married or close -parent sex.

2. Social communication issues

The first law in my country, the Marriage Law, clearly states: Non -marriage children enjoy the same rights as children of marriage and children, and no one shall be harm or discriminated against.Article 1071 of the Civil Code clearly stipulates that non -marriage children have the same rights as children of marriage, and no organization or individual may be harmful and discriminated.However, there is a phenomenon of discriminating against non -marriage children in the feudal culture traditions of my country for thousands of years. This concept is difficult to disappear at once.After the abolition of restrictions, non -marriage children may increase. Will the degree of acceptance of non -marriage children changes?In the process of contacting and exchanges between non -wedding children, how to cope with the vision and feedback of society requires single mothers to guide them in advance to establish psychological expectations for children.Of course, our society should also be more tolerant.

3. Inheritance of inheritance

According to the provisions of the Civil Code, non -marriage children and children of marriage have the same inheritance right.In the case of the increase of children’s children, the complexity of the inheritance of inheritance in heritage is also followed.Just as in the TV series, maybe several non -marriage children came out after the death of his father for several years.Perhaps the single mother told the child that you are a rich child of a rich man before dying.

However, from the perspective of inheritance, my country’s law clearly stipulates that "will inheritance" is preferred in "legal inheritance". If you want to divide the inheritance to children and non -marriage children, or anyone else, you must make a will, otherwise it may be possible. As a result, family fighting or wealth outflow.

4. Social security issues

In our country, families are still the main force of pension, especially when the elderly have reached their later years, and the life care and spiritual comfort between husband and wife are particularly important. After the children are adulthood, how can a single mother face their own pension problems and disabled care.The problem, the problem may appear more acute.We should consider studying the method of response.The Civil Code establishes an intentional monitoring system that allows those who entrust their trust when they are healthy to protect and manage their personal and property safety when they are disabled.

4. What trends are allowed to allow unmarried children to reflect?

1. Gender relations are not necessarily the core of family relationships

Traditionally, there is no family relationship that cannot be established.However, the introduction of unmarried child measures will more quickly deconstruct the traditional family structure.Family is the cells of society. The harmonious development of the family is related to the stability, harmony and development of society. Therefore, we must study the challenges brought about by this change.

2. Economic development will definitely bring changes in personal pursuit

Unmarried children also reflect the changes in spiritual pursuit. This is the conceptual change brought about by economic development, which is worth observing and researching.

3. Women have more mastery of fertility dominance

In the feudal traditions of thousands of years, women’s status in gender relations is very low.Even in modern society, there are still a large number of ideas that discriminate against women.According to the provisions of my country’s "Women’s Rights Protection Law", women have the right to decide whether to have children, which is dominated by fertility.However, in families based on gender relations, women’s fertility dominance is limited from various aspects.Allowing unmarried children, that is to say, women can decide to be born or not, and do not need to interfere with others, which will make women truly lead the fertility.

5. What should we do?

It is necessary to enhance the concept of the rule of law, make a will in advance, make good intentions, and effectively protect family property and family relationships.At the level of social governance, social security and related service supply should be strengthened.At the same time, in terms of spiritual civilization, propaganda and effective guidance should be carried out to adapt to the problems caused by family transformation and social relations.

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